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teeny tiny pincushion

I stumbled upon something fun on instagram last week, a tiny pincushion sewing challenge #teenytinypinnieparade, over at tinkerellen. After spending a good hour or so down that rabbit hole of tiny quilted pincushions, leading me to all sorts of wonderful quilting and sewing sites, I ordered some crushed walnut shells from amazon and started plotting. First I tried something a little too ambitious, trying to incorporate this neat trick with a magnetized needleminder button as a tiny teddy bear’s face. After that flop I ended up making this little pumpkin.

They’re doing it again for Christmas and I’m very excited. I’m thinking maybe a little elf, using this freebie bunny pattern as a jumping off point. Or maybe a little gingerbread house like this pattern from my book.

Another great idea I loved were all the cool fussy cut designs for the pincushions. I bet I have something fun in my Christmas fabric I can use. I think I have some of this sweets print left.

Have a look through them all on instagram at the hashtag, #teenytinypinnieparade I bet you get inspired too and want to join in!

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