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scrapbook instead of facebook

It’s been hard getting back into the swing of work after the holidays this year. I had my birthday week of lunches out and then the kids had another 2 days off of school this week. But mostly, it’s that I can’t get out of my head. I’m reading too much news, I’m worrying too much. Well, I know I’m worrying the right amount but it’s still unproductive. So I’m going to try something new today, I’m not going to check my news or my facebook until this afternoon. I have this free period in the morning between getting the middle schooler out the door and waking up the 4th grader, this is when I read news and catch up on the world and I think it just sucks me into that worrying mindset for the rest of the day. So today instead I’m going to start my day out scrapbooking. I’m so far behind on my Project Life albums, like 2 years behind. I’ve been overwhelmed at how to start back up and realized yesterday, hey this might solve both problems. Hopefully starting the day out with creativity and focusing on my family by journaling and printing photos will give me a better start to a creative, focused day. I have a lot of work to do! This gal is ready for her cozy outfit.

handmade cloth doll

4 thoughts on “scrapbook instead of facebook

  1. Hillary, I know what you are going through. I have felt this way for weeks…for me news fasting is a must, or I get sucked into a well of despair.

    Remind yourself that the world is a much better place than portrayed in the news. It really is.

    And, creativity is the key to maintaining perspective, and enjoyment 🙂



  2. Beautiful girl you’ve got there among all the knit fabric. Cozy, indeed!

  3. I know what you mean. I think that is a great plan to shift your focus. The doll is lovely!

  4. Hey, I did almost the same thing a couple of weeks ago! In fact, it was the 20th. 🙂 I bought a PL album, and some cards, and printed the photos a year ago…but the perfect page wasn’t coming to me. So instead of sitting there watching the unbelievable unfold, I busted out all of the supplies and finished my first page!!! It’s not great, but it IS done and I felt so.much.better. Keep at it!

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