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works in progress

wool doll with yarn hair buns

My brain is dead from all the pta emails I had to write today. I can’t seem to put together 3 sentences but I have these photos to share. I had a fun week gathering supplies. I had to take advantage to the not-as-cold and hit all the thrift stores. Now I have wool and tweed and sparkly Indian things to cut into. I have everything washed and piled and planned. Now to just work up the energy to dive in. I started with this little melon-head above. She’s all ready for a fancy gown, but I don’t know if I am. But if the fabric is fancy the design can be plain. That sounds like a design rule. So I’ll dive into that soon.

thrifted wool and tweeds

2 thoughts on “works in progress

  1. Love the hair, the rosy cheeks and the gown fabric!
    Looks like good things from the Thrift.

  2. That is the Most gorgeous hair ever!!
    Can’t wait to see her in her beautiful dress (Indian sari style?)!

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