really, I had no other choice

I was remembering the other day when I was having my fabric shortage troubles, that the reason I started making toys was because of the nature of my fabric collection. I’d been thrifting fabric for years for my vintage clothing shop and had amassed a collection of cute but unruly fabric…scraps, pieces cut out from clothes, aprons and scarfs, sheets and pillowcases, just a lot of bits and pieces. So when I sat down to make things for baby Oscar all those years ago I kept running into walls. I didn’t really have the fabric for baby clothes or for quilts but it was perfect for toys! Thrifted sweaters to felt for bodies, scraps of vintage prints for outfits or the linings of ears. And the best part is it was easy on my stash so I rarely used anything all up which is hard for stingy old me.

The Kims at True Up are as hooked on vintage as I am. They’re the next stop on the blog tour and there is a giveaway of some of my vintage fabric over there if you’d like to go sign up.

6 thoughts on “really, I had no other choice

  1. Audra says:

    This is the perfect entry for me to read today. I just felted my first thrifted sweater, a ladies large, pink, wool deal. I’m not sure whether to use it for doll clothes or an animal…a pink elephant maybe?

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