doll quilt

Well this turned out better than I expected. Oscar wouldn’t give up the work table while we were working in the craft room so I had to cut this out in my lap while sitting at the sewing machine. I love the non-fussiness of doll quilts. Embrace the wonky!

the floral fabric is from a thrifted bedspread, the big green dot from superbuzzy and the little green dot from somewhere, hobby lobby maybe? quilt is 19" x 21"

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five idiosyncrasies

Should be five reasonable excuses for why I cannot for the life of me spell that word. Anyway, thanks Kelly for tagging me. I put Tim to the task of coming up with these because I, of course, think I’m perfectly normal. Actually we both worked on the list together and had a really difficult time. We could think of plenty of pet peeves, phobias, character flaws, but few idiosyncrasies. Here’s what I came up with.

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