Sewing a Make-Along “Spring it on” dress for Kit-Kat

I love this vintage print, the colors are amazing. I think it was sheets or a pillowcase. I haven’t used any of my vintage fabrics in a while. When I started making toys everything I used was from the thrift store. Since fabric companies finally learned to tap wonderful designers for their prints I’ve been unable to stop myself from shopping and using mostly new prints but it is fun to go back to “my roots”, especially for the very 60s inspired “Spring it on” dress.

doll clothes how to

Making sure my pintucked top matches same size as the lining…
doll clothes how to

After opening up the sides and sewing together…
doll clothes how to

Kit-Kat in her new dress. Now she just needs some shoes!
handmade kitty doll

Summer groove

I thought I was pressing my luck to take my tween and teen out on some outings this weekend that they’d have loved as toddlers but not as much anymore and was pleasantly surprised everyone was happy and enjoying themselves! That’s the magic of Summer I guess, everyone reverts to being a kid.


I was having a panic that I’d overbooked our Summer but, we’re slowing down now, and I’m really looking forward to our vacation and a lazy rest of summer break. Let’s reset this Lang family vibe, back to easy breezy. This moment of zen will be thrown off soon enough I’m sure but I’ve frozen it here for future reference.



hair pins

I did order these Clover basting pins I mentioned and I love them! They’re perfect for setting this gal’s super long mohair hair into all sorts of hairstyles. They’re definitely impractical. They’d be great for holding a complicated hair-do into place so you could sew it down. I like them just for playing though. Maybe for a doll for older kids or an art doll, definitely one that wouldn’t see any play because the pins would come loose. Not sure if I’m going to put these dolls up in the shop or what I’m doing. I just feel compelled to make, and play, with them.

handmade doll with yarn hair


Curly Heads and Long Legs

hilda cowham illustration

I’ve always loved and been inspired by children’s book illustrators and one of my favorites is Hilda Cowham. Her girls are floppy mops of curls, with the 1920s drop waist dresses & giant bows and are always hanging out with ducks or elves or something equally adorable. I often come back to these drawings and channel them into dolls. The Pixie from my book and this Blackberry Fairy I made for Phoebe come to mind. And now this girl.

handmade doll wee wonderfuls original

I’m having lots of fun playing with her hair. I made her from the Kit, Chloe and Louise pattern shrunk down to 80% and then I gave her hair from the Make-along pattern and I left it suuuuper long so that I could coil it up into big bouffants and curls. I’ve been looking for some sort of U shaped pin that I could use when I’m styling hair. I think I’m going to order some Clover basting pins and see if they do the trick. They look a little long but we’ll see.

handmade doll wee wonderfuls original

Took me 3 attempts to get this drop-waist dress working right but I’m happy now and it should be easy to make more. I’d like to try it again in voile or cotton lawn to make it more fluttery.

wee wonderfuls handmade original doll

The Make-along knit cardigan fits her perfectly!

scrapbook instead of facebook

It’s been hard getting back into the swing of work after the holidays this year. I had my birthday week of lunches out and then the kids had another 2 days off of school this week. But mostly, it’s that I can’t get out of my head. I’m reading too much news, I’m worrying too much. Well, I know I’m worrying the right amount but it’s still unproductive. So I’m going to try something new today, I’m not going to check my news or my facebook until this afternoon. I have this free period in the morning between getting the middle schooler out the door and waking up the 4th grader, this is when I read news and catch up on the world and I think it just sucks me into that worrying mindset for the rest of the day. So today instead I’m going to start my day out scrapbooking. I’m so far behind on my Project Life albums, like 2 years behind. I’ve been overwhelmed at how to start back up and realized yesterday, hey this might solve both problems. Hopefully starting the day out with creativity and focusing on my family by journaling and printing photos will give me a better start to a creative, focused day. I have a lot of work to do! This gal is ready for her cozy outfit.

handmade cloth doll