folky block pincushion

Now that I have a GIANT bag of crushed walnut shells  sitting in my craft room you can expect a lot of pincushion action from me. I came across this folky vintage print while I was digging through my fabric bins and immediately thought pincushion 💡!

So I fussy cut out some squares, well not really fussy bc just squares but it was tricky getting those borders to line up, and I sewed them up into a cube and stuffed with my shells. It’s a wonderful heavy blobby block and I love it.

It doesn’t have a bad side to it.

Fernie Fox, a new Make-Along Pattern

New in the shop today is a new addition to the Make-Along family, Fernie sewing pattern.

All of the Make-Along clothes will fit her but she also comes with the pattern for this very cute ruffled dress which looks great made up in a textured linen, fun plaid or a ditsy floral.

She was designed with her nose in the air to sniff out the fun and her tilted head also works extremely well for hugs, as she looks up sweetly at you.

And her pointy ears and tail make her extra foxy.

teddy bear favs

Even though we have our design for the new Bear Make-Along doll all picked out, Goldilocks was having fun looking through the teddy bear books and picking out her favorites.

(Goldilocks is the Elsa doll in the Make-Along pom pom sweater btw)

Most of these are vintage Steiff bears and some are from Japanese craft books. The Make-Along Bear will be more of a bear doll than a teddy bear so that he can wear all the make-along outfits. But I do want to try a straight up legit teddy bear. I’m too chicken to actually cut into mohair though so it will have to be a faux fur from Joanns kind of deal. And I’d love to make a patchwork bear that was not too overly country crafts. Sort of like that last guy there.

I always flip flop with a teddy bear on which is cuter, a smile or a little frown.

Fox Girl: a Make-Along Animal & Doll Hybrid

In anticipation of the fox make-along pattern that is coming to the shop tomorrow, a hybrid doll I made a while ago.

My make-along gal was happy wandering through the woods but something was missing.  In her heart she truly wanted to be a fox I guess. So she got fox ears and a tail sewn on. If you didn’t want a permanent transformation the tail could go on the butt of the overalls and the ears on a headband.

Our inspiration for her transformation…


How to make: Wool Mouse made with wooden acorn

I saw the cutest palm sized cloth mice toys and I thought oh, how clever, they made the faces from wood acorns. But no that’s silly they were all cloth and soft and cute, but it stuck in my head, wondering if it would work so I made these little mice. I have a large assortment of wooden peg people, balls and other shapes and one of my favorites are the wood acorns, like these guys (amazon affiliate link)

I used pink wool felt for the ears, very thick fuzzy grey wool that I had from felting a lambswool sweater, the wooden acorn, craft glue, stuffing and plastic beads. This is very forgiving project so you can eyeball your shapes from mine below. The hole for the acorn face should be just smaller than the acorn so it doesn’t pop through.

I drew the nose and eyes on the acorn with black marker and then ran a thin line of glue around outside edge of the face.

Then I popped the acorn head through the hole and pressed the wool down into the glue and waited for it to dry.

Then I folded the wool piece in half with bottom edges lining up and face facing inward and sewed up the sides.

Turn right side out. Pin the round base to the bottom and sew 3/4 way around leaving a gap open to stuff it. I stuffed with polyfill and then put plastic filler beads at the bottom to weigh it down. Then sew it closed.

Fold a tuck in the ears and sew to the head. I trimmed my ears a bit after sewing them on because they were too mickey mouse. And I didn’t make a tail because for some reason mice are cute but mice tails, gross me out.

And that’s it! Wooden acorns tops would make cute faces on all sorts of woodland animals, fox, deer, squirrel, raccoon.

FREE: Felt Acorn Backpack for the Make-Along Doll

Send your Make-Along doll out on a nature walk with this cute wool felt acorn backpack to store all their treasures. Click here to download PDF of pattern and the directions are below.

• 8″ x 8″ green wool felt for nut
• 4″ x 4″ brown wool felt for shell
• 14″ of 1/2″ wide ribbon for stem and straps
• embroidery floss in green, brown and gold

TO MAKE: The Acorn Backpack is a handsewing project using wool felt and floss.

1. Using 4 strands of the gold floss and a running stitch, stitch cross-hatch design pattern onto one of the shell pieces. (you can repeat for both sides but since one side is facing the back I left that one plain.)

2. Make the stem by folding the 1 1/2″ piece of ribbon in half and pin to top of nut 1/4″ from the edge. Pin shell to nut piece lining up top edge and using a whipstitch and 3 strands of brown floss sew the shell to the nut. Repeat with back side shell and nut pieces.

3. Pin gusset piece to front piece (lining up half point of gusset with bottom point of nut) and whipstitch together with 3 strands of green floss. To avoid the green floss showing up on the brown shell I brought my needle up between the two layers just catching the green nut below. Sew gusset down one side, across bottom point and back up the other side. Don’t worry if it’s not exactly centered just be sure you pin your back piece on to match.

4. Pin back piece to the gusset in the same way as above and sew together with whipstitch and 3 strands of green floss.

5. For straps, fold under 1/4″ at each edge of 6″ piece of ribbon and sew in place on back.

teeny tiny pincushion

I stumbled upon something fun on instagram last week, a tiny pincushion sewing challenge #teenytinypinnieparade, over at tinkerellen. After spending a good hour or so down that rabbit hole of tiny quilted pincushions, leading me to all sorts of wonderful quilting and sewing sites, I ordered some crushed walnut shells from amazon and started plotting. First I tried something a little too ambitious, trying to incorporate this neat trick with a magnetized needleminder button as a tiny teddy bear’s face. After that flop I ended up making this little pumpkin.

They’re doing it again for Christmas and I’m very excited. I’m thinking maybe a little elf, using this freebie bunny pattern as a jumping off point. Or maybe a little gingerbread house like this pattern from my book.

Another great idea I loved were all the cool fussy cut designs for the pincushions. I bet I have something fun in my Christmas fabric I can use. I think I have some of this sweets print left.

Have a look through them all on instagram at the hashtag, #teenytinypinnieparade I bet you get inspired too and want to join in!