basic stitches for dollmaking

Hi friends! Here are some stitches I use to make dolls and stuffed animals.

I use the ladder stitch to attach my stuffed doll parts together.


I use this stitch to join pieces when handsewing projects from wool felt

And here are the embroidery stitches I use…

to outline eyes, stitch eyebrows and mouth


fill in eyes or other shapes

to start embroidery on a stuffed doll if you don’t want to hide your knot

these stitches are good for drawing with floss



More work was done this weekend on the clearing out front. The target, Phoebe’s room. Holy hannah. That girl has so much stuff! I think she’ll be happy with the free space and less clutter. I feel like I just did this to her room, maybe last Summer? But they outgrow things so fast. I had no idea how many princess fairy books were still sitting on her shelves. Many plastic things with small pieces have now moved on to new homes. And the survivors from the last pony/barbie purge are now headed out.
cleaning out old toys

My sweet girl knows how to keep mom happy though. She asked for all her vintage and handmade dolls to stay on the shelves. Good girl xoxoHandmade doll sewing pattern from book Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and Love

clearing out space

New school year’s resolution, be back in this space! My poor neglected blog. If it was a physical object it’d be sitting in the corner next to my yoga mat. Both of which I’m determined to find time for this Fall. Right now I’m working on cleaning up my craft room. Or cleaning OUT is maybe a better term. I’m being buried under the clutter and chaos and need space to breath. I’d love to take every single thing out of here, repaint the whole space bright crisp white and then bring each object back in one at a time, taking time to really ponder its fate. Unfortunately that’s not really feasible, so I’m making do with a nice Fall purge.

Things I’ve thrown away, piles of half-sewn doll clothes that I was going to “get to” sometime during past 10 years. What I kept, those that mostly resembled finished outfits, now live in this cute metal basket I treated myself to.


My next accomplishment was to banish all non-doll hair yarn to the basement. I commandeered the art cart for the rest of it. I’m excited about this cart o’ yarn! In this pic they look like they’re in yarn jail, hee.

The trickiest bit of course is what to do with all the dolls that don’t go to the shop. These two Kit, Chloe & Louise dolls are a good example. The girl with the long hair is made from a super soft wool which is lovely to squeeze but not really firm enough to hold up her heavy head of yarn hair. The red head is lacking clothes. She’s wearing cute but barely finished overalls and needs a mom who can sew that could set her up. If either of these girls would be loved in your home leave me a comment which you’d like and I’ll do a quick drawing tomorrow. If you could pay the shipping that’d be awesome. I know these two are ready to be KonMari’d away to a better home!

doll sewing patterns for handmade dolls, Kit Chloe and Louise pattern at Wee Wonderfuls

embroidering an eye

How-to Friday. No, not really a thing. But it’s Friday. Maybe I’ll remember next week to post another. :)

A quick run through of embroidering the face on a cloth doll… I embroider my dolls’ faces after I’ve stuffed the bodies and sewn down the yarn hair. I prefer placing the features after everything else is in place. I use pins to mark spots for eyes and nose, using a tape measure to center on the face. Then I draw the features with a water soluable marker. I use 3 strands of embroidery floss to embroider the features. I outline the eye with a running stitch and then fill in with a satin stitch. Then I embroider the eyelashes, eyebrows, nose and mouth with a running stitch. I knot my floss and bring needle in from back of head, hiding the knots in the yarn hair. Make sure not to pull embroidery too taught or it will pucker the face. After I’ve finishing embroidering I spritz with water and dab with a paper towel to remove the blue ink still showing. Ok, I think that’s it!

doll making how-to's, embroidering eyes

doll making how-to's, embroidering eyes

doll making how-to's, embroidering eyes

doll making how-to's, embroidering eyes

doll making how-to's, embroidering eyes

doll making how-to's, embroidering eyes

doll making how-to's, embroidering eyes