crocheted hexagon afghan

It's done! I crocheted an afghan! Fun! I love making blankets. Crochet is such a new world for me. It's so forgiving. This just occurred to me.. my border is a little ruffly where I started out because I was picking up too many stitches… I can just cut it, undo that part and redo it! Also some of the yarn I used is not my favorite. I could actually cut out one hex and redo a ring with a different yarn and the rest of the afghan would stay intact! That's a revelation for those of us who started with knitting. So cool! 

I've already started on my Christmas colored blanket of same design but my head is spinning in so many directions right now. I have two more ornaments cut out, an elf on the sewing table, and sketches of a new Elsa doll ready to go. Oh, and I'm attempting mittens! And I have a month of PL to do and some new scrapbooking treats just came in the mail. Weird how at 9:30 I can already feel like my day is already running out of time.


5 thoughts on “crocheted hexagon afghan

  1. Jennifer says:

    Wow!!! You did it. Believe it or not, I am learning how to crochet. Did you share pattern or yarn info. here or on Ravelry? Love this. And is this coming out of stash yarn? The colors are so good — you could put together a kit.

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