all elise/elsa elf

My go-to doll pattern these days is my Elise and Elsa Elf pattern. All these dolls below are the same body and face, just with different yarn hair dos. Elise/Elsa just has bangs and a cap. If you want to add curly hair here’s are some how-tos I posted a few days ago.

The Land of Nod dolls are the same pattern too. This month’s giveaway doll was this pattern. And next month’s too, I already have her fabric picked out. Oh, and speaking of fabric, here’s the selvedge info on Miss February.

Pippi is this same pattern

pippi longstockings doll

As is Clara (how to do her hair is here)

clara doll from elsa pattern

And these gals I made for school auction last year

This dutch gal

dutch girl doll

my prototype for Fern

fern doll

Folky version

When you find something you like, you stick with it!

11 thoughts on “all elise/elsa elf

  1. Bek says:

    Yes, I love your Folkster pattern too! I usuall loathe making the same thing more than once, but I have made 4 of these dolls- including a zombie one for my son. (a really cute zombie)

  2. Laura D says:

    I am going to have to try this doll. I made your topsy-turvy doll as a Christmas present for my 2 year old niece (you can see how she turned out on my blog) and she turned out SOOOO great. I just love the look of your dolls. I think my two daughters would flip over making a Clara doll (is that a Clara from the Nutcracker?). :o)

  3. Susaninfrance says:

    oh thank you for the info. I got the pattern and need to start working on using this base pattern to make some dolls. It’s like a blank canvas to explore—very exciting. This doll seems to lend itself to many interpretations…I can go crazy thinking of fairy tales, other characters from books etc. Fun!!
    I am wondering whether you are mostly using felt or flannel for the head? I’m a bit scared to try to make a doll with wool felt….it seems so stiff and heavy—perhaps it’s not 100% wool felt you are using?

  4. Hillary Lang says:

    I use all 3 – wool, wool felt and flannel. I like the body to be very stiff so I don’t mind the wool felt. It can be harder to sew the hair to. The latest dolls I’ve made have just been wool so they’re sort of soft and fuzzy and definitely more flexible.

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