tiny hat

This hat started out for me, and then maybe for Phoebe, but too small even for her! Passing down to 2 yo Simon. Is that pom too big for a boy?

Here’s the pattern, very cute but my scale didn’t turn out like theirs at all. Check out the pattern on ravelry to see other knitters’ notes!

7 thoughts on “tiny hat

  1. Seanna Lea says:

    That hat looks just fine to me. Pompom is the right size, nice and full.
    Of course, with my small head I still manage to be convinced I could fit that hat even though I’m not a 2-year old.

  2. Tonya says:

    I kind of love everything about that hat- the pattern, the colour, the pompom! I’ve only just started knitting (I’ve made a scarf); is it something appropriate for beginners? Any info in regards to pattern and yarn you’d be willing to pass along would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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