knitting a tiny hat with a cool cuff

Did you hear me last night? I was cursing the crap out of that provisional cast on. I wish I’d taken pictures of it, dangit. You crochet on  your cast on stitches. This is the video. It was easy to make, not so easy to unmake. While “carefully unraveling” the provisional cast on I was muttering and swearing and going on to anyone who would listen (nobody) how it was so much trouble and taking forever and couldn’t possibly be worth it. But, I have to say in the end, it was worth it! Look how neat and tidy the folded under cuff of this hat is.. I love it! Once it was on the two sets of circular needles and I was knitting them together I could see it was going to work but it turned out so cool, like knitting magic. The hat however looks like it’s not going to fit me. Or Phoebe even? Maybe one of the dolls. We’ll see.

I started another hat because there was a delay in shipping in the yarn I’d ordered for the Little Women dolls I’m working on. I’m bummed that project hit such a speed bump. I’ve had Jo almost done since before Christmas but I I have a few things I don’t want to finish on her until I see how the other sisters are going to go. I’ll post some in progress/inspiration, pics soon.

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! Ours is sports free for one last week. I kinda love the dead of Winter.


2 thoughts on “knitting a tiny hat with a cool cuff

  1. Erin says:

    Haha! Did you hear me last night? I’m attempting a crochet project. My husband at one point very kindly suggested that I just take a break for the night and go to bed!
    Love the colour of that hat!

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