Amarillo cowl

I finished the Amarillo Cowl yesterday. See it here on ravelry. I really like how it turned out. It was a little bunchy before I blocked it but now it's nice and drapey. I don't love my cast on and bind off but I never do. For the project I'm working on now I'm trying to figure out the provisional cast on. I really don't get it but I'm just following the video and hoping it turns out. It's a hat and I guess I'm going to knit a lining for the cuff or something. We'll see! Learning anything new in knitting is so tough for me. I definitely can't do it by an illustration, I have to see it in action. Even then I'm rewatching a gazillion times. I'm an old dog when it comes to knitting.

Loving Claire's illustration a day! I wish I could make something so beautiful every day.

7 thoughts on “knit

  1. Lauren says:

    I love this! I am just really figuring out knitting after sort of being able to knit for a few years. I am loving seeing all the items you have been working on! Especially Phoebe’s hat! I had to make one too for my niece 🙂

  2. Kristy says:

    I love this cowl! I am new to knitting as well. I recently just learned how to do a provisional cast on with a knitting needle and a crochet hook and that was way easier than the many attempts I had tried before. A little slow going but it worked great!

  3. kristin says:

    Funny…I just finished some cowls using this very same yarn (posted about it yesterday) Do you find it too scratchy to wear around the neck? I used different colors and only one of them felt a bit rough…maybe blocking would soften them up.

  4. Wendy says:

    Beautiful cowl! I too am fairly new to knitting, and I learned from a book. I agree it can be a struggle, but with constant practicing sometimes I’m struck by ‘light bulb’ moments when everything shifts and all becomes clear. Wendy

  5. nicki says:

    Beautiful cowl in a beautiful colour. I can highly recommend the Craftsy knitting courses for anyone wanting to improve. I used to find knitting so frustrating but for the first time ever I’m loving it. I might have a go at this one myself, you can’t have too many cowls, right?

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