Book Signing at the Land of Nod store, Oakbrook, Nov 13!

Want to come hang out with me at the mall? I’ll be at the Land of Nod store in Oakbrook, IL on Tuesday November 13th from 11-1. They’ll have books to buy there or bring your copy and I’ll write you a note in it. I’d love to finallly, after 9 (?!) years of blogging, get a chance to meet some of you guys who read my blog. If you’ve made anything from the book you could bring it and we could have show and tell. Or if you have questions I could do my best to answer them. You can bring your doxie necklaces and curse me out for how hard they are to turn out, wink. And we can play with the new dolls. The Land of Nod is just a fun store to hang out in. They have the super cute kids rooms set ups and lots of great toys to play with. We could play air hockey! Ok, I’ll see you there!

It’s been dark and rainy these past few days so I’ve held off on taking pictures of the dolls to show, but these two off my phone aren’t so bad. Look at how handsome Skip is. I just can’t get over how well they did the hair on these dolls. All the dolls were made in India and many of the details were sewn by hand, like the hair and the faces.

Another thing about these dolls that I’m so excited about is how well they matched my original prototypes. They even reproduced or matched many of the vintage fabrics I used like this, Bertie’s purple ditsy body fabric. I just love it! And her little floral accent turned out so cute. It’s really fun for me to see these actualized.

8 thoughts on “Book Signing at the Land of Nod store, Oakbrook, Nov 13!

  1. Jan says:

    Congratulations, Hillary. It must be extremely gratifying after all of your hard work.
    Wish I was still in Chicago. Your book signing is right up the street from my old neighborhood! (Still can’t believe we didn’t cross paths while I was out there.)

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