Thanks everyone for the school garden info! I'm looking through it all. I'm realizing that so much of it just doesn't apply to us, first anything in California. We have such a short season here in Illinois to work on a garden at school. Maybe a month or two before school lets out for Summer and same amount of time after we get back in the Fall. Also we're on such a small scale. So much of what I'm reading is district wide with employees and curriculum for all the grades and huge gardens. I think we may end up more as a club. I'll definitely post more about this and where our project ends up in case anyone is interested. 

In the meantime I'm working on a project I know how to complete, 3 dolls for the school auction. 

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  1. Alison says:

    I imagine your dolls would bring in alot of money for the school 🙂 Lucky little girls who’s parents win those for them!
    My son’s grade school did their very small garden plot as an afterschool club, started & run by a couple of teachers. I don’t know how they got the district to pay for building raised beds & irrigation (possibly a grant of some kind, we’re in a low income area) but the supplies, seeds etc, were brought in by either the kids or the teachers themselves.
    Good luck & have fun! I miss being involved at my the elementary school. Middle school isn’t nearly as fun! lol

  2. Sabrina Salmons says:

    love the dolls! Definatley, look in to your extension office, 4H and Junior Master Gardeners for your garden!

  3. Kassia says:

    Our school has a garden in Warrenville, Illinois! The third graders are responsible for taking care of it as it fits in nicely with their science curriculum during the year. Basically it up to the class parents to work with the teacher on picking the vegetables, starting seeds in second grade, etc. Then the kids plant the garden. Over the summer, families take turns coming in to do the watering and weeding until school starts up again. It is entirely parent funded. Feel free to send me a note if you want more info on what we plant and how it works.

  4. Elodie says:

    I’ve been a fan of your dolls for a long time. I bought some patterns a few years ago and made 1 Archie and 2 Olives. I know you like seeing what they look like but I don’t have a flicker account. Here’s a link to my blog:
    Thank you! And thank you for your wonderful book too!!!

  5. Malea says:

    Hi! Just a thought on started up a garden — are there any community centers or YMCAs that have summer programs and might be willing to partner with you to keep it going over the summer, or serve as pilot project?

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