new tree skirt

The handmade tree got a new skirt this week. I love this alexander henry yuletide 2d zoo fabric so much. So festive and cute. I cut out some animals from the scraps and make them into ornaments for the tree. This tree should see a lot of action next week when O’s done with school. I’ve got a stack of ideas waiting for him.

14 thoughts on “new tree skirt

  1. Emmmylizzzy says:

    I love the pom pon edging! A tree skirt is one of the things that I never got around to this year. My old one got lost in the move and I’ve currently just got some muslin wrapped around the base. Maybe next year!

  2. Islay says:

    Love the cut out fabric decorations! I’m on a mission to make some toddler safe decorations this week, and I’m sure I’ve got some of that fabric kicking around…

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