Book Club Stitchettes in the shop

I always do as the librarian tells me and I had a few librarians asking for this pattern in the shop so… here it is! This is the first set of the Book Club Stitchettes, 3 designs. I have stetches for 2 or 3 more sets of three and then a plan for a quilt with all of them. I’ll be adding them to the shop as I finish them. It’s going to take some will power to wait to use these for the quilt because I think they’d make really cute Christmas gifts for the little readers in my life and they’re sitting here all nice and finished. It’d be so easy to sew one onto a tote bag for a sweet little book bag or sew one up as a pillow for the reading nook or even to just hang by the bookshelves. I know I’ll end up making a deal with myself – oh I’ll just stitch up another set – and then it’ll be the months long delay that’ll keep me from finishing the quilt. I’m going to have to hide these away!

17 thoughts on “Book Club Stitchettes in the shop

  1. Erin in PA says:

    So. Totally. Awesome. This is going to be my holiday treat to myself — as a librarian and crafter, I must do my crafty duty to decorate my library! This will also make great library bags too – so cool!!! Happy Holidays!

  2. My 1st Bambina ! says:

    They are super cute !!! I have the Spring and Summer sets ! Must confess I’ve been stalking your blog these past few days just to know when these were ready for purchase. My dd is not yet in school and already is an avid reader, so this set really captivated me …. happy to inform that I just bought this set and can’t wait to start on the little girl reading while snuggling her kitty.
    Thanks for designing such beautiful hand embroidery patterns !!!

  3. jam says:

    How could you do that to me? So do I wait for the rest of the library series and make the quilt or do I make Christmas gifts? I just might have to make the first Little Girl w/Kitty right now and look forward to her friends next year.
    Thanks for the sweetest stitchettes.

  4. Bettsi says:

    Oh wow, I’m actually making a little book bag for a voracious reading girl of the age of 12! I guess I MUST buy the darling girls for the perfect embellishment! BTW, I bought your awesome book and can’t wait to start making some of those darling things too!

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