stuff I made to wear

I tried to model these but had no one to take the pictures so all I have to show for it are lots of blurry photos of my outstretched arm, the corner of my head, my dresser and dirty laundry heap in the background. Good stuff like that. So here they lie…

New Look 6871 made with some glittery plaid from Vogue fabrics. I like it. Good pattern. Needed to make a smaller size but still definitely a go-to shirt. Sometimes the bias tape finished armholes flip out though. Thinking I need some tacking stitches.

New Look 6410 The blue linen skirt I was talking about a while back. Turned out real cute but reaaaaal boring. So I jazzed it up with a bleach pen thanks to Amy’s super clever Bend the Rules with Fabric for instruction and inspiration.

Simplicity 2599 made with a super soft smooth cotton from Vogue fabrics. Again, I like it. Again, too big. and maybe this print isn’t working so great with the ruffles. I’m not sure. I really love the print. And again, inspired by Amy. I’d like to make this shirt again in a liberty print for Fall. Be so cute under a cardigan! And then no one would see any poorly finished armholes.

11 thoughts on “stuff I made to wear

  1. shannon says:

    I actually like the pattern plus the ruffles – it’s cute and not too busy since it’s just the one color print. Would look cute with a shrug in the fall. I started using bleach pens for a custom quilt (the customer wanted runes, so I figured I’d just make them myself on solids) and use them quite a bit now – really fun tool to add some extra style to plain stuff. 🙂

  2. Stephanie says:

    Ooh, I love that print. That’s just my favorite kind of shirt for wearing under stuff. When I was wearing suits everyday I always opted for these over button ups. You know, with a little something fancy at the neck. Perfect.

  3. anna says:

    ooo, I love the first yellow plaid one the most, but they’re all so cute! I need to try out some of the new look patterns, they seem right up my alley!

  4. Melanie says:

    Awesome things for yourself. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a pile of laundry hanging around. LOL.
    I did the bias tape in the underarm on the smashing smock from Anna Maria Horner’s book. That was the first time I did them that way. I am sure mine aren’t perfect, but I think part of getting it right was basting it down along the first fold. I never realized that until I started sewing more. I still learn something new every time I sew.

  5. kate says:

    You’ve been very busy and all of it looks great. I often find that patterns run bigger than the measurements on the envelope indicate. And I am to lazy to pin the pattern pieces to my dress dummy first. What’s the saying “A stitch in time saves nine”? I am always too impatient and have limited kid-free sewing time.

  6. Bria says:

    Ooooo….I love all three of them! Great fabric and your bleach pen art is fabulous. You make me want a sewing machine (so perhaps I should get one).

  7. Heather Anderson says:

    Oh, I know what you mean about getting photos of yourself. It’s hard! I’ve got a bunch of stuff I’ve made for myself and have been wearing all summer but have not blogged yet because of this problem/challenge. Anyway, cute tops. I love 2599 for a basic shell to play around with. I’ve got the New Look pattern but have not yet tried it. You’ve got me thinking I should. If you ever do get photos of yourself wearing them, please post!

  8. Leila says:

    All really great work! I wish we’d been able to see them on you though. But it was still lots of fun to see what you’ve been up to. Thanks for sharing!

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