pillowcase shirt

Here's something from that stack of stuff — a shirt from a pillowcase. The pattern I used called for elastic thru a casing at neck and cuffs but I was lazy and tried to just use elastic thread in the bobbin. After sewing a gazillion rows of it it's almost sufficiently scrunched up.

Here's Phoebe modeling the scrunched up shirt (and trying to pull her piggies out as always!)

toddler shirt made from vintage pillowcase at weewonderfuls.com

32 thoughts on “pillowcase shirt

  1. Samantha says:

    Cute top! My favorite way to avoid the elastic casing is this: I get the 1/8″ elastic. I finish the edge of the sleeve with ricrac, ribbon, eyelet or a simple rolled hem or something. Then I move up 1/2 or 3/4″ from the hem and I secure the end of my elastic over at one seam allowance. Then I zig zag over the elastic making sure not to sew on the elastic, but to have my needle hitting on either side of the elastic with each stitch. Then when I get to the end, I secure that little elastic end down with a few tacking stitches. Presto! Instant elastic casing and super fast. If keeping your seam allowance consistent is a challenge, then drawing a line with blue marker where you want your elastic to be will help. The biggest thing is to make sure you start and stop in the right place so the elastic will match up when you sew that underarm seam.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Adorable! My girls need some more shirts like that. I am sure Phoebe’s will get a lot of us this summer. My favorite thing about this style of shirt is that it is loose at the bottom, so she can really play in it.

  3. water works says:

    Check out Simplicity 4206 in the sewing for dummies line. The top is exactly what you want and I customize it all the time. I made the fairy costume by lengthening it and scalloping the hem…the nightgown from the pillowcase using the already embroidered hem…and on and on. It’s a great pattern. The shorts fit my little girl well, too, and are often made with the Daddy’s jeans from last season…

  4. connie jones says:

    I used to have that same sheet set when I was younger. My twin sister had the peach colors and I had the blues. This is cute. I’m going to show this to my twin, she’ll get a kick out of it.

  5. Abbeyshane says:

    I don’t know if you know this or if someone already said it but….to get the elastic to scrunch you need to hold a steaming iron over it. It’s fun to watch it scrunch.

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