today’s weather report

sunny with a high chance of optimism. I might even get some crafting done this weekend!

sing it sister!

again, questioning my yellow. popping enough on the linen? I hope so because I hate taking out cross stitches.

no decisions to make here. just pretty colors.

32 thoughts on “today’s weather report

  1. Kaci says:

    Cool pictures! And, I feel like I’m in the same kitchen situation! We’re going to try to update our backsplash and we’ll see what that does!

  2. Katie says:

    The kitchen counter in our new ’60’s house is bright yellow and I love it! I like the colored walls, white cabinets look. My mom always told me that yellow wasn’t my color for clothes so I think I am yellow-starved. (Now I tease her about that and my sisters and I wear mustard tops all the time.)

  3. Shannon says:

    It’s saying picnic quilt to me, and I think you can never go wrong with high gloss white cabinets and your fave color on the walls – pop on some vintage hardware (or some fab new-vintage from anthropologie) and you’re good to cook.

  4. christina says:

    paint the cabinets – get a really nice finish by having them sprayed by a professional or take them to an auto-body shop and let them do the doors and you do the rest.

  5. Heather says:

    I’d vote for white cabinets and colored walls. It’s easier to change the color on a wall than on a cabinet. You will only need to paint cabinets once to know that you never want to do it again.

  6. Jessica B says:

    As mentioned above, you can get the cabinets professionally painted. Try an auto shop if you want glossy. You can also reverse them so they’re flat on the outside, for a modern look. I’d go white for the cabs and color for the walls – that way you can change the look later more easily by repainting the walls.

  7. caro says:

    OOOH a picnic blanket- defiantely, infact i want to make one too, where is that gorgeous strawberry print from?
    I have white gloss kitchen cabs but wish i’d gone for colour- i was too chicken. Go with your gut, you have excellent taste and whatever you decide will look great.

  8. Heather says:

    Not to hijack, but a) I agree with the colored cabinets, white walls completely, and b) I have more questions for those of you in the know as to how to accomplish this. I had never thought of the body shop idea for the doors, but what about the cabinets themselves–are you talking removing them and reinstalling them afterwards? We’ve got original cabinets from 1947 that we’d like to repaint, but our biggest issue is the interior of them. They’ve been painted so many times that they are downright nasty, peely, etc. Right now we’ve got shelf liner, and we’ve discussed sanding, but are both not super keen on all of the dust from what may be lead paint from long ago. We’ve discussed using the chemicals that can soften/dissolve the paint to remove it, but aren’t thrilled about the environmental aspect, and lastly we’ve discussed the renovation factor, but I’d really like to keep what we have–they’re fine other than the finish and frankly these two schoolteachers are poor as churchmice! Experiences, ideas, thoughts? Hilary–what did you decide?

  9. Kristena says:

    Oh, I kind of love the yellow! But then I don’t know how it fits with the rest of your house. I dream of painting my cabinets white. I think it’s probably the easiest way to give your kitchen a clean face-lift. Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be great!
    Happy Weekend!

  10. busyHSmom says:

    Painted cabinets = maintenance. I love the look of painted cabinets, but I have yet to see a painted cabinet that doesn’t chip and peel. Just something to consider.

  11. Wanda Miller says:

    Oh where did you get the container for your threads. Also, where did the fabric come from. I love painted cabinets and love the color yellow. happy days. Have fun wanda

  12. Susan W says:

    I think the yellow has too much brown in it next to the brown cupboard. I think that is why it looks funky. I love paint, White or a light olive color cupboards with new hardware would look great!

  13. april m says:

    My two cents worth….I had the same problem with painting and wood cabinets. A friend pointed out that the yellow in the paint brings out the yellow in that color of wood.
    I ended up painting my cabinets bleached wheat – I think it was a Laura Ashley color. Everyone loves it and asks for the name of the paint. It’s white without being over the top, and cream without being brown or yellow.
    Whatever you do will look great – you’ve got great style!

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