oh pig

here she is, small pig to go with small duck. nothing but trouble, this pig. nbt. didn’t want to go together right. didn’t want to sit still for a photo shoot. but duck’s happy now that he has his friend. I’m still on the fence on these two though. I feel like maybe they need to be even smaller. she’s gone from 11″ to 7″ and she’s a real cute size but I feel like I want them to be tiny. maybe it’s because I want to skip over them and work on ornaments. christmas is coming my friends and I don’t even have a single list made. so for now, pig and duck, they’re just going to hang out and enjoy the holidays. perhaps they’ll be ready for an appearance this spring with some other pals, that troublesome sheep perhaps. maybe a cow? a rooster?

34 thoughts on “oh pig

  1. qsogirl says:

    oh my goodness. she is adorable. i *love* pigs. my husband makes fun of me because growing up he had pigs that he showed at fairs, and so he is a bit [read: a lot] jaded to their cuteness, but i love them. and your pig is especially adorable and loveable.

  2. Christine Capece says:

    They are adorable…. wondering when your book is going to be published? Will it be in time for gift giving… to myself?! 🙂

  3. jennifer says:

    I am a pig person and have quite a few (er, of the stuffed variety, NOT real ones). I can say with some authority that your pig is very cute. Also pigs are often troublesome, as they are very smart. I love her dress. I vote for the sheep next, but maybe a cat would be cute also?

  4. Terresa Wellborn says:

    Pigs are my all time favorite animal. Ask my parents. I collected 206 of them by 5th grade. The trouble came later, in Jr. high, when umm, I decided pigs weren’t so cool any more.
    But this little pig? She can come to the market with me anytime. She’s deeevine!

  5. Gail says:

    I am sooooooo disappointed they won’t be ready for the holidays 🙁 I understand though there is only so much time in a day 🙂
    Know that I will be first in line to purchase on release day! The size is perfect! LOVE them.
    * I could test your patterns if you need testers 😉

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