actually having a grinch day

Christmas decorations

I’m going to go ahead with the full-of-holiday-spirit post I had going for today instead of going on a crazyperson I hate winter rant about boots and frozen pipes and sheets of ice for roads and parka hoods that get tangled in bag straps and try to put you out of your misery by hanging you on the minivan door. Nope. Instead it’s all cheery. It’s all good. Dream of a white christmas. Snow is your fluffy happy friend. And zero degrees, why just another reason to have hot cocoa!

So decorating this year was much easier than last year. Instead of trying to figure out how to decorate a new house this year I just put everything in the same spots. I was happy to follow the path of least resistance. Guess that’s how traditions are made. I still felt compelled to take pictures though so here’s the same stuff, different angles.

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

25 thoughts on “actually having a grinch day

  1. Carm says:

    You know things turned out alright for the Grinch too, right? Take heart. Your decorations are lovely and it’s my first time seeing them! Thanks for sharing them! 🙂 (I particularly love the little pine cone skier)

  2. elissa Finger says:

    i LOVE the little pinecone man. glad to hear someone else gets winter bundle up grumpies… i never know whether i want to tear out the 5 point harnesses or my frozen hair! christmas blessings to you, in spite of the chillies!

  3. Muddlepud says:

    For as many years as I can remember, until the day she died, my Grammy lived in the same house and every single Christmas decoration (and she decorated to the nines!) went in exactly the same spot. As she got older, our family would gather to help with the decorating, and everyone knew exactly which piece went where because that’s where it had always been. I always found a lot of joy in rediscovering all of her Christmas bits each year and I miss that part of the holiday season. So doing it that way might make it easier, but it can also make it special. Hope you have a less Grinchy-day tomorrow!

  4. sherri s. says:

    Such lovely and evocative photos…sometimes you just have one of THOSE days! I don’t live where it’s cold and snowy–I used to, though–and I still have those days (car trouble, dog barf, spilled coffee right outside of Starbucks, hateful encounter with post office clerk). Deep breath…and yes, it is all good! Love your site…

  5. Amy says:

    The deer with the green cottage…
    My grandmother owned a few like that. I inherited them and placed them in my village this year.
    My grandmother also put little plastic deer on the windowsills. When my little cousins and I came for a visit we would search all the windows for our favorites. Then we would play on the quilt on my grandmother’s bed.
    I’m sorry you’re feeling grinchy… I’d drown my sorrows in Hot Cocoa if I were you, according to my 7 yr old daughter – chocolate fixes *everything*! ~smile~

  6. nicole says:

    the great thing about the same decorations is that they are only out once a year . and with decorations like yours i would be happy to put them out! i just adore that little pine cone skier!
    and as for being grinchy, i’m so there and trying to hide it. i have 3 little girls one just finished chicken pox , one is vomiting and most likely getting them next and i have a baby with an awful sinus infection! and as much as i enjoy warm sweaters and hot cocoa , i can not help but think …oh warm weather when we are all healthy, where are you??

  7. Chrissy says:

    Yes, winter can be very very trying. But just think – we’ve nearly reached the shortest day and THEN we’re on our way to spring as the days lengthen!
    What I love best is getting out the decorations our children made ages and ages ago. They’re grown ups now and probably can only dimly remember making the paper wreaths (a bit battered) and the tree decorations (losing their glitter a bit). For me, it’s like yesterday. I get very nostalgic.

  8. Moonbeam says:

    lol! i love your blog so much – i completely get the winter hatred…that’s why i moved south 🙂 great decorations! you should watch the grinch cartoon today, maybe that would make you feel better 😉

  9. Denise Leavens says:

    You are so funny,”try to put you out of your misery by hanging you on the minivan door.” I have a miserable sinus headache, a pulled muscle from hip to foot, and a 17 year-old cat that is in his last days and YOU MADE ME LAUGH!
    You deserve high praise and cozy delights for that!

  10. Terri says:

    If it helps you feel better I’m writing this from Phoenix. We have just finished yard work that included picking the ripe lemons off our tree. I really MISS Winter. I can’t even remember the last time I had a hot chocolate. Try to enjoy it!

  11. Gina says:

    Hi there I have just knitted 2 of the sweaters in the free pattern catagory! they were my first by myself things I have knitted.I just learned how to knit and am having the time of my life..I love that doll sweater pattern..I plan on putting them on the dolls I make..Thank you for a fun pattern..I am going to start a 3rd..and so on…:)

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