How could I resist this hair! This is the Pullip I had to have. And her original costume is amazing. I’ll have to take photos of her in all her splendor soon. Here she is in her new Fall Sugarmag outfit. A little more classic than her sister’s. She’s the Grace Kelly of the two. Maybe she’s the Blair and the Blythe is the Serena? Just not sure yet.

17 thoughts on “Cinciallegra

  1. Dees says:

    She is so lovely!!!I see the doll bug has struck even more quickly then I thought it would!she is really sweet,I can understand why you have fallen for her!xoxo

  2. Muddlepud says:

    I’m not personally into these dolls at all, and even I will admit that she’s gorgeous. I love her eyes, and the hair is amazing. I foresee lots of beautiful outfits for her in your future! 🙂

  3. Katie says:

    I adore her hair and her little jacket! So cute! I would definitely say the Blythe doll is wild child Serena and the Pullip is more Blair! Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure!

  4. Eerika says:

    I almost guessed you’d get Cinci! Her stock outfit is just so gorgeous and like you said, her hair is super pretty too.
    Your dolly family is growing really fast! 😀

  5. moline says:

    Congrats! She is very special. The new outfit is great and suits her perfectly. So now we can witness how you will dress and photograph the first two dollies…

  6. Gina says:

    Theye are both pretty cool – so, now my question is, can they wear each others clothes? I have been unable to find anyplace in Chicago that has either Blythe or Pullip, and I can’t really tell how big they are….(I see 12″ but cant visualize – Barbie size?)
    I know that soon I will buckle and buy…. I LOVE the Pullip “Chill”!

  7. Ann says:

    We had a chance to visit The Valley of the Dolls when we were in LA last summer. It was an absolute blast and we were well taken care of by the store owner. I highly recommend this store to anyone interested in Pullips, Dals, Blythes, and Re-ment etc.

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