my knitty kate kitty

I made this very round, super-cute kitty as a new baby present for a friend and I just can’t part with her. I’m so stressy and anxious lately (b/c of current affairs, nothing personal) and every time I look at my knitty kitty I smile so I’m keeping her around for hugging and comfort. She’s made from jess hutch’s brilliant kate kitty pattern on knitty. I highly recommend you make yourself one if you need a huggy buddy.

ok, so now… where do I find a cute replacement new baby gift?! (to buy)

knit kitty

44 thoughts on “my knitty kate kitty

  1. Nancy Cook says:

    i would have trouble parting with that kitty
    i’ve had that pattern printed out forever
    i think the black apple doll is a good idea
    i made a bunch of them
    they are fun!

  2. georgia says:

    Ha! I was going to say that surely you know of a few toy patterns that you could make up. 😉
    Sorry to hear that you’ve been stressed and anxious. Hope things are getting better.
    The kitty is very cute. If only I could knit… (I acidentally typed ‘knot’ instead of ‘knit’, kind of fitting though, because my knitting does involve quite a few knots ;-P )

  3. Sarah says:

    Election stress? Amen, sister. 27 days.
    I think one of the Fisher-Price Classic Edition toys (Like the phone! Just like we 30-somethings had!) would be a great gift.

  4. eva says:

    How about an engraved baby spoon from It is $20..but if you’re short on time…
    Or quickly applique a big 0 (zero) made of cute fabric on the front of a onesie–then every year for as long as you know the child you can give a new t-shirt with an appliqued number for that year’s birthday: that’s my quickie gift lately. (okay, okay–I know you said something you could buy)

  5. rosey says:

    i had so much trouble letting my girls hug the babushka doll i made (my first attempt at anything major)now she is a furry felty mess on the face but she looks loved! good luck hunting for a new gift. xxrosey

  6. anie says:

    that is a darling kitty! I just bought a very unique baby book “The first 1000 days” by Nikki McClure. It’s filled with her beautiful paper cut work and has a much more unique view on baby’s first days than most of the other things out there. Find it (and other items by her) at
    happy new babies!

  7. Evelyn says:

    Hi Here is be best thing ever! So
    Quick and easy! From All Buttoned
    Check it out, Btw.. way too cute
    Kitty! Great job, the baby will
    never miss it if you try this
    May be acorns or snow flakes
    for a winter shirt. But you could
    do this on a overalls or skirt as
    the pocket cover too! I know if
    you havent looked yet this post
    does not make sence so go look!
    Way too cute!

  8. Janice says:

    How come you haven’t commented on having ‘your’ kitties in the Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion? Personally they should have done an artist write-up about you….but I was pleased to see your kitties!

  9. Corey says:

    what an adorable kitty! so huggable!
    everything you make is injected with cuteness!
    also (sorry to be a pain) but i was wondering if you would be so nice as to add a link to the kit/chloe/louise flickr group on the side. thank you so much!

  10. Miranda says:

    I wanted to let you know that I got my bunny hand sewing for fun postcard in the mail today and I absolutely can’t wait to start! My nephew and daughter are going to love these! Thanks so much.

  11. Lecia says:

    SO cute! My grandmother used to make dolls and the like for us every Christmas – all 13 grandchildren, bless her heart! (She’s still living but can’t really sew anymore.) I just found your site via another. Happy weekend!

  12. Kate Harris says:

    I have to give a shout-out to westcoast baby – their stuff is beyond adorable! We had one of their wrap tops (adorable with a set of baby legs) – size 6 months fit right up until last week when I passed it on to a new baby.
    I gave the mom a big bottle of inexpensive wine wrapped in the top with a simple hand-made card.
    Other things that you can buy – a sweet pacifier clip, amber teething necklace, a nicely framed print, all available via etsy.
    And if you do have a smidge of time, the umbilical cord hat from stitch and bitch is easy and always gets rave reviews.

  13. Bek says:

    De-lurking to say good job on the kitty (and everything you make!) He is indeed so cuddly, don’t blame you for holding onto him! I know my littlest one would kill him with love..

  14. Annie says:

    LOVE Knitty Kitty – he has made my day! Love all your creations because they are just what everyone – young or old – needs: a little bit of homemade love. Thanks for the blog.

  15. Laureena says:

    Oh this is just the sweetest little cute!!!! *squeeeees*
    I can see why it would be hard to part with!
    I have just started making some of the Jean Greenhowe dolls and I have to admit that I grin like a fool whenever I see them.(same thing that happened when I saw this kitty)
    I think it must mean that this little hug-able was meant to be your smile when you need one. (never any harm in that! *smile*)
    Be well,

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