31 thoughts on “dah-eeee

  1. Nicole says:

    My youngest is right around Phoebe’s age. I am certain that he is hiding the fact that he can talk in full sentences. I know there are some words in there, but just like Phoebe he has about 4 words he uses often and the rest of the time he is giggling and bouncing around.
    I also think that his 3yo brother doesn’t let him get a word in edgewise!

  2. mary grace says:

    i am absolutely in LOVE with these embroidery patterns — any chance that you’ll post a few patterns? i want to do them on a linen and then frame each in a small (3×3″ or 4×4″) frame for our hallway at Christmas. they’re even on my “wednesday wish list” of things to do! (hope you don’t mind!)

  3. nancy heard says:

    omidoublefreakingosh…that is the absolute CUTEST little dreamin’ dumplin!!!! the little dolly and the bedspread…beyond words.

  4. rosey says:

    my eldests nickname comes from the middle child not being able to say her name right. lili was bow bow (as in ribbon) for a long time. no similarity at all but we still say it 4 years on. have a great day xx
    p.s. what is a blogline?

  5. andrea says:

    omgosh, you do have a wii remote in your banner! too cute. (I love how little ones talk… dah-eee) love all the christmas dreams you are doing. so different from the typical candy cane, christmas tree, etc.

  6. Lotta says:

    Your new graphics are adorable. When can we get you to illustrate a wee wonderfuls children’s book? Mmm? Compolete with embroidery pattern tucked in the back for mom?

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