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Oops, sorry blog. Sometimes time just flies like that. What can you do. How about to make up for it I’ll try to post every day for a while. So I was hoping I’d have something super fun to show & tell for my time away but all I’ve got is a botched-to-hell project that Tim and I spent all our free time last week on. The botching was on my end, not on Mr. Workshop’s so I don’t know how happy he will be to read this post which is me lining up his next project…

Oscar and I found this doll cradle in a barn sale and decided that he and daddy would like to fix it up. I’m thinking it’d look great in this crib’s perfect purple. Or maybe a gray blue. That’d be so pretty! I’ve got a soft spot for doll crib’s these days. Phoebe’s room already has two and there are another two in the basement waiting for fix up. Poor girl has the smallest room in the house and I’m cramming it full of toe-stubbing stuff.

All that time Tim spent in the workroom didn’t go to total waste though, it inspired him to finally take the camera down there and document the very cool workshop the previous owner of our house left intact for us. All the pics are here on his flickr. This room has everything you’d ever need (minus the scary 1950s chemicals!). Makes me wish they’d left the entire basement, and maybe the attic, full of treasures too.

15 thoughts on “parts to fix anything

  1. elliebelle says:

    I absolutely LOVE doll cribs and cradles. I think that would be very cute in purple or blue. I remember I had my moms old doll crib that was pink and quite rickety, the bottom would always fall out – baby doll included! It was quite the fiasco. haha…Such fun!

  2. The Mommy says:

    I love doll cradles too! Ooooh ooh and anything fixerupper. I found a beautiful little wooden kids rocking chair at a garage sale recently. I’m going to repaint it to be absolutely beautiful!!! Woohoo…another UFO lol!

  3. beth Billups says:

    wow…the parts to fix anything box is awesome! could someone have actually been organized enough to assemble such a box? My hubby needs one of those in a big way…great x-mas idea!

  4. Beth Billups says:

    wow..the parts to fix anything is awesome! Could someone actually have been organized enough to assemble such a box? My Hubby needs one of those in a big way..great x-mas idea!

  5. Shivi says:

    hilary, there is no need to apologise about not writing a blog post, I think a week or two or three or even four between each post is fine,don’t worry about apologising, you rock!

  6. Kristen says:

    Totally off topic, but I see from Tim’s flikr profile pic that Phoebe looks just like her daddy!!
    Sweethearts, all!

  7. Selena says:

    Being the book worm that I was growing up, I constantly dreamed of finding an attic full of stuffed trunks from a hundred years ago. I mean they always found them in the books that I read. Surely there are to be some untouched attics somewhere. Of course by the time I find them it will probably be 2060 and all the stuff will be from the 70’s when I grew up. I love the purple color for the cradle.

  8. Leila says:

    That stuff is great! I love all of the vintage packaging. Good luck with all of your doll cribs — I think you can never have too many with all of your great dolls!

  9. Karen says:

    Just had a look at Tim’s photos on Flickr – great pics, and what an amazing collection! A lot of those pieces would be collectables, for sure, and would also make a fantastic display in your house. How wonderful for you!

  10. Lil' d says:

    Great find – what a lovely cradle. What wonderful things the last owner left, too. The previous owner here only left really bad decor behind…

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