Kit, Chloe & Louise paper dolls

paper dolls

Hey paper doll people, I’ve got a shop update for you. The Kit, Chloe & Louise paper dolls are now up and ready to go in the shop. Yay! I’m so excited about these! I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’re a big hit so I can justify drawing a gazillion more outfits. Playing with colored pencils is such a refreshing break from the sewing machine.

Kit, Chloe & Louise come with three outfits each, stand-up stands and a carry-all envelope. There are some printing tips on the download page include the one from the brilliant amy chicken to print the dolls on cardstock and then the outfits on regular printer paper. I’ve also put a link to the kinkos print online dealio where you can upload a pdf to their site and then they print it up for you to pick up. I’m going to try that tonight and see how it turns out.

paper dolls

Thanks for playing paper dolls with me 🙂 Paper dolls were my most favorite thing growing up and having a chance to play with them again is wonderful!

22 thoughts on “Kit, Chloe & Louise paper dolls

  1. Michelle says:

    I’m going to print mine out on magnet paper, and use them for the girls to play with in the car. Grab a cookie sheet, and they’re entertained for quite a long while! Thanks, Hillary.

  2. amanda says:

    yes, yes! magnet paper! i have some left over from some other paper dolls we did… and just in time for our road trip 🙂 beyond brilliant.

  3. Michelle says:

    Yay!! These are SO cute! I just downloaded them and can’t wait to print them out and let my daughter play with them! I see many gift for other little girls in our lives as well.
    I would LOVE more outfits, and maybe a boy doll to mix things up?? So I hope they are popular as well!
    Thank you!

  4. AmandaMay says:

    These are so great! Your outfits are amazing. I love paper dolls too. When I was little I had my mom’s collection – really great – and the Dover catalog was like my bible.

  5. Jennie says:

    Oohh…magnet paper is a great idea! We have 2 little girl birthday parties this summer, and this is the perfect gift for both! Thanks!

  6. annri says:

    Thank you for this great toy and the fun memories it brings back for me!
    While I was cutting them out (oh joy!), I was singing,
    “Say-say oh Playmate,
    come out and play with me!
    I’ll bring my dollies three,
    climb up my apple tree,
    slide down the rainbow
    down to the fairies’ door*,
    and we’ll be jolly friends forever more! 1-2-3-4!”
    Do you know/remember that one? Somehow the dolls conjured up this pat-a-cake song from my childhood. Ah, nostalgia! Thank you so much!
    *Something tells me it really goes “…cellar door” but I’m not sure so I ad-libbed!

  7. Helen Gillis says:

    I purchased these yesterday and just LOVE them!! Started cutting them out as soon as I got them 🙂 They are very sweet and their clothes are so cute -I also had paper dolls as a kid and still have my collection – including some Betsy McCalls that used to come in the magazine.
    Helen in Malden, Massachusetts

  8. lily boot says:

    Dear Hillary, thanks so much for creating such beautiful paper dolls. We bought them yesterday and after getting our printer back into action, printed them out today. My little girl (who’s 10) has been sick this week with sinus and has spent yet another day in bed, but today, she has Chloe, Kit and Louise for company! She has been reading up on them on your blog and has been play-acting stories all afternoon – they have just been to Cousin Connie’s wedding where they put on a version of Romeo and Juliet for the guests – Kit played the guitar and provided the narration and the other two swapped roles back and forth. Earlier, they went dress shopping for the wedding and Kit and Louise put in to by Chloe’s dress – $7 each. Abby is now creating a bedroom backdrop for each girl, and a treehouse where they meet to play. She is particularly thrilled with Kit – says they have so much in common! It’s so lovely to find toys for girls that are hip yet wholesome – the kind of girl we want ours to be! 🙂 Now, Abby is mad keen on more outfits so we are hoping your pencils are sharpened – her requests are for – school clothes, halloween costumes, snowsuits, and Christmas party dresses. I did suggest it was a bit early in the year for such attire, but she thought we should put in our preferences early! Thanks again Hillary – your creativity and generosity adds sparkle to our day! With warm regards, lily and abby boot

  9. Kayanna says:

    Thanks so much for being a continual source of inspiration! Paper dolls were so amazing to me when I was little, I remember spending hours and hours cutting out all the little outfits and accessories. I’m so excited to get these for my own daughter to play with. I think the idea of printing them on magnetic paper is fantastic, especially for younger kids to play with on the fridge! I hope these do well for you, You really do ROCK!
    Best Wishes,

  10. purejuice says:

    oh what an idiot. that comment was supposed to go under the phoebe birthday food post. a thousand pardons.

  11. brookie says:

    Your paper dolls are sooo cute, but I have a wagon question: is the ikea push-wagon maneuverable enough for a one-year old? I got my son the radio flyer cart for christmas when he was nine months and it is still hard for him to turn at age three. My daughter turns one this summer and I would love to find one for her. I have been looking at the Haba carriage, but it is darn expensive! Thanks for the help!

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