not just hot air

Ha! I finished something. Something not even on my more important to-do’s list but something I’d been thinking about for a while. A new ornament for the tree, a little hot air balloon. Even got to use some of my new Christmas supplies. yay! and BAM! No, I haven’t been watching Emerill but Christmas around here this year has become something of a competitive sport and I find myself yelling BAM! at things a lot. Online shopping for those last few gifts.. BAM! all the decorations up.. BAM! white shirt for the holiday show at preschool found.. BAM! giftcard for the mail carrier bought.. BAM! xmas cards finally ordered.. BAM! I’m starting to get really into it now. Now that I’m making some progress I’m feeling very Christmasy.  I just had to push through the Christmas is a load of commercial crap and unnecessary excess part of the holiday that always seems to bubble up and now I’m on to the whole family fun, what gets done gets done, let’s play crafts and eat cookies part. BAM!

55 thoughts on “not just hot air

  1. Holly says:

    That is so adorable! I’m envisioning a larger scale version hanging from a nursery ceiling…hmm…You do such great, imaginative work. I really enjoying seeing all of your creations. I’ve just made your elephant from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, and I love it! I had a hard time envisioning it as an elephant as I was sewing it (a common sewing limitation of mine), but then I turned it right side out and, voila, an elephant! Thanks for such a great pattern.

  2. Michelle says:

    That’s exactly how I felt, once a few things got ticked off my list, I started getting happier and happier, and now I’m all about Christmas and the spirit and giving and creating memories. BAM is right!

  3. Amber says:

    Ok this is just too cute! I totally agree with you – I need to just enjoy this time and not stress…off to make some glittery snowflakes with the kiddos..

  4. Addis says:

    Aww! You bought a card for your mail carrier! Hooray for postal workers! ^_^
    Oh, and cute ornament! If only I were more in tune with my crafty-self …

  5. Nancy says:

    i am literally passing out from adoration. i have a hot air balloon *thing* honestly, and must be stopped from appliqueing them on all my clothes and buying the kind that hang from the ceiling and hanging them everywhere. so, um, i’m admitting now that going to be trying to copy this wonderfulness you’ve created.

  6. bethany says:

    You have inspired my need to MAKE presents this year… if I could never step foot in a store for boring mass produced items again, I’d be overjoyed!!! (Yet that’s what’s left…ugh.)
    I remembered you were working on that balloon and it turned out wonderfully! (but you knew that!!!)

  7. Clare says:

    What a gorgeous decoration, I love it. I get exactly what you mean about pushing through – it is difficult to keep hold of what Christmas means to you and not get pushed along by others peoples opinions of what you should do. Hope you have a lovely time.

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