girl thrift

I realized last weekend that I hadn’t been to the thrift store since I found out this baby is a girl! so we had to rectify that straight away. found some fun stuff…

pillowcases to make her little sundresses from…

folky purse, heart overalls and sailor dress…

and because something had to be pink, for our cute little bundle…

25 thoughts on “girl thrift

  1. carol says:

    love it all! every little girl needs a sailor dress…i have found all of my sailor dresses at the thrift store and I just LOVE them. Hurray for finding cute girl clothes!

  2. Colleen says:

    Soo adorable, im going trifting today aswell. I have a little saliorhat i was totally into the sailor thing…i remeber one christmas i got matching salilor pjs for me and my doll..lemme tell ya it was the coolest 🙂

  3. Kristine says:

    That sailor dress is awesome! I love the overalls and purse too. Good loot! You must have the best thrift stores in your area…You alwyas score.

  4. Amy Lu says:

    Oh, I am so excited to see you turn those pillowcases into sun-dresses. I just picked up a great pillowcase at an estate sale to do the same thing, but I have no idea “how”.
    Will there be a tutorial?

  5. jenny says:

    did you see the martha article on how to make a pillowcase sundress? (think it may have been in ms baby?) super cute!
    oh how i miss the thrifting…

  6. Elissa says:

    Great find, love the overalls 🙂 It’s so hard to find overalls for girls at the moment, off to hit the op shops today!

  7. Meg says:

    Oh my god, that middle pillowcase! My parents had that same sheet set in the 70’s! I love the sundress idea. Just yesterday I was thinking about making cute cotton nighties for my little one for summer. Pillowcases might be an easy way to do that too. Thanks!

  8. Lotta says:

    So sweet! Since reading the retired Thrift Craft you have got me looking at fabric in a whole new way.
    Good luck with your move, don’t lift anything!

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