bored and boring

I like to show pics of new supplies…new exciting exotic supplies. But these things I picked up this weekend are a very accurate representation of what’s going on around here so what the heck…

Bland pancake. Absolutely nothing is new. Same cold snowy weather, same stuck in the house with a toddler suffering, same no house for us anywhere story, same old.

I am doing some paper piecing. A slow pokey project for a slow pokey life.

26 thoughts on “bored and boring

  1. fanja says:

    I went through the same ‘bored’ and strenuous feeling of looking for a new house last year and did find one in the end.. and so will you, hang in there! paper piecing is surely a good way to unwind and release any tension…

  2. Maritza says:

    Ah yes, the fun and excitement of paper-piecing. I know it all too well. At least you get that sense of satisfaction when you look down and realize you’ve pieced about 50 hexagons in one sitting and you’re well on your way to your goal. Woohoo!

  3. carol says:

    oh my word, you are speaking my mind…this weekend drove me spinny. there was just something about it that made me all anxious.
    at least you got out of the house!
    if you ever have a weekend like that, give me a holler. i need to shake some things up around here or i will be climbing the walls (my kids actually told me today that they can’t wait to find me climbing them one of these days…ha, funny them.)

  4. homeroom says:

    hillary: i just returned from my mailbox with your stitchettes package…your presentation is so sweet and ( i have to say it) WONDERFUL…you are a breath of fresh air!
    thanks so much for all of your inspiration. amy h

  5. MiraclesHappen says:

    What color is your Caron yarn? I started my very first crochet project just a week before my daughter was born and now she is a month old and I cannot find a matching yarn to save my life. My mistake was picking the yarn up at the Goodwill and thinking I had enough but not accounting for the fact that it was a partially used pound. SO, now I have two and a half rows missing and I cannot find a matching color. I thought, for sure, the label read antique white (before I threw is away – mistake number two) but that color isn’t even made any more if it is. The color doesn’t make off white or white so I am at a loss. I am going to have to just use a different yarn which drives the perfectionist in me CRAZY! So, out of curiosity, I must know – what color are you using on your project??

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