thriftcraft, we hardly knew ya

As some of you might have already seen, I’m bringing ThriftCraft back into the fold of Wee Wonderfuls for now. It’s just too overwhelming having 2 blogs. Well actually it’s not. I could just let it sit there unupdated for long periods of time. But I get all twitchy when things are hanging out there like that so for my sanity I made an ‘official’ decision. So now thrifty treats will be over here on the w.w. Here are some of ThriftCraft’s greatest hits

pillowcase magazine caddy

pouf made from tablecloths

knotted vintage fabric and bead necklace inspired by marni

sweaters with ties

pocketbook covers

monster pillow

23 thoughts on “thriftcraft, we hardly knew ya

  1. Charmaine says:

    Hippo was a towel! Wow thats great, but soooo sad! I would never have made a stuffie out of a towel, but once again, you come up with the best ideas!

  2. hannah says:

    ah tc, it was a good run. i was going to suggest making it collaborative like whipup or something. you know, pick the creme de la creme of crafty ladies and we would all just sit back and be wowed.

  3. Jenna says:

    I had to actively stop myself from picking up a box of fabric at a rummage sale yesterday. I just have TOO MUCH. I rearranged my craft room and barely had enough storage bins for all the fabric. So, I must thrift craft with what I have before thrifting any more. I wanted to mention a swap I started at swap-bot in case you might be interested. It’s a swap for handmade thaumatropes, a sort of vintage type of thing. Check it out if youre interested.

  4. mimulus says:

    aaah, thriftcraft is taking a well deserved vacation. I imagine cycberpace is filled with all sorts of wonderful places in which to recharge. bon voyage!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Sigh . . . love the hippo, will sadly miss Thrift Craft. I’m glad you feel better by consolidating them! I feel I need to do the same with my two blogs. I have to say, I met a lot of other thrifters through my link on Thrift Craft! Thanks for that!

  6. bethany says:

    i will miss thrift-craft but i must say.. 2 blogs is crazy ambitious.. I am all about cutting back right now. I did however lovingly touch an old towel at the thrift store this morning.. dreaming hippo dreams.

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