splash of color

Some vacation day. Forecast is for severe scattered thunderstorms so guess instead of a trip to the zoo as planned we’ll have to stay inside and work on project find a spot for all this stuff which Oscar will be thrilled to learn includes stowing half his toys away in the basement. Happy 4th kid!

Other suckiness as a result of incliment weather is no light to take pictures of all our fun garage sale finds. Instead here’s a photo I took last week of the beautiful pieces of hand dyed wool that Lyn sent me and the wonderful circle and button composition by her daughter Molly.

That certainly cheers up a workspace doesn’t it. Here’s some more wonderful color – Blair’s blue bear and Mary’s blue and red bunnies and Mari’s kitty Clara in her kimono fabric dress. Love them! I’ve set up a flickr group here and I’ll add it to the sidebar like the others when it gets some pics in it. I can’t wait to see kitties bunnies and bears popping up in the flickr randomizer deal. I swear half the hits on my site are me hitting refresh over and over to see what new creations will pop up on those flickr groups!

11 thoughts on “splash of color

  1. amy k. says:

    the felt is lovely and how VERY cool to see all the kitties/bunnies/bears being born! you should have a pdf birth certificate that we could download ala cabbage patch kids! (how 80s is that?)

  2. caroline says:

    thank you for setting up the Flickr group – I have just been over to put my bunny on. I am inspired by all the wonderful creations there – to think that they all came from the same three patterns but are all so individual.

  3. shael says:

    The booklet finally made it to Canada, yay! I have a new project to be fanatic about. Check out my blog if you get a chance to see my wee bunny and pointy kitty,thank-you so much for the patterns! How do I post the pics on the flikr group?

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