little squares

I’ve started on my quest to cover the apartment in doll quilts. Tiny tiny squares. Well ok 2" isn’t that tiny but tiny enough for me. I can’t decide if they want to be arranged symmetrically or just jumbled up. I’m thinking the latter. And maybe whipstitching them together instead of sewing them in the machine. Maybe while watching some netflix that have been sitting on top of the tv for about a month now. If you ever wonder how does netflix make any money. Us, it’s us.

Just got off the horn with the printers and looks like middle of next week for embroidery patterns. We’re having postcards made up of the girls and one of each will be included in the set. I can’t wait to see how they turn out! And rockin bunny is on her way too. I think I’ll go ahead and be offline until next week then. Miss Maggie is a week past her arrival date and is coming out in the next few days whether she likes it or not!

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  1. Mary-Heather says:

    I fund Netflix, too! So sad, when they include the envelopes and everything. Enjoy your blog vacation and the arrival of your neice (so exciting)! I’m very excited about the embroidery patterns, they seem like a great summer project. Your doll quilts look great!

  2. Lotta says:

    Congrats to your sister! Make sure she gets the good drugs. Of course, line me up for the embroidery patterns! Love the idea of the doll quilt montage. I got the uncut three little pigs doll pattern in the mail from ebay today. It’s huge. I think I will make it into a curtain for daughter’s room.
    PS – Stuffed kitty #2 and she held! I just have to decorate her and she’ll be up on Flickr.

  3. Kelly says:

    I have been making a million little 2″ squares as well. Not for doll quilts, but for a patchwork Octopus. Found an old pattern-so excited. Enjoy the break!

  4. Melissa says:

    Ohh, your doll quilt wall post totally inspired me on the doll quilts and I’ve had them on the brain too. I’m thinking if I make one every 2 weeks I’ll be all set in no time.
    Love the fabrics you’ve picked; I vote for random squares (all jumbled up). Enjoy the new niece!

  5. stephhung says:

    heya! i’m in the middle of taking some quilting lessons and i wanted to share an amazing tip i learned: if you sew strips (in your case, 2″ wide strips) together first, you can cut them afterwards (at 2″) and join them to other strips. this helps the squares to stay straight, and plus, you dont have to cut all those tiny little squares anymore 🙂

  6. AmyDe says:

    WooHoo! Babies, patterns, postcards, and quilts! Have you got the “Little Quilts All Through The House” book? It’s one of my favorites. Little Quilts shop also happens to be about 20 minutes from my house and it’s always great for inspiration. Thanks for everything!

  7. Anne says:

    Yeah, I’m a big part of Netflix’s success, at least during baseball season when I keep paying my subscription but go from watching a dozen dvds in a month to four. Oh well.

  8. Libbey says:

    I love the doll quilt too. I’m working on a baby quilt with that my sister did some embroidery squares of bunnies and I’m adding to it for our cousins wife. I’ll post the picture when I’m done.

  9. Loreal says:

    Hello !
    I just visited your gorgious toys album and i would like to know if there is a store where i could command ones of these wonderful creations ?
    (i’m sorry for my bad english…)

  10. eling says:

    No, I am funding Netflix. Last week I finally watched a movie from Netflix that I had had since mid-DECEMBER.
    Can I ask what printer you’ve been using for your booklets/cards?

  11. vvb says:

    another netflixie here. you’re reminding me of the 3 waiting to be watched on my coffee table. ahh. love the colors of your doll quilt. i can tell it’s gonna look fabulous. enjoy the blog break.

  12. IamSusie says:

    That quilt is terrific. You should do strip piecing if you are going to make a whole bunch of these. I can’t wait for the embroidery patterns! (!!!!)

  13. Heels says:

    I was that Netflix customer, too–those movies would sit and sit and sit and I felt so guilty every time I looked at them.
    I solved the problem by quitting Netflix, but I miss their wonderful, unusual assortment of stuff.
    Cannot wait for the embroidery booklet.
    Congrats on becoming an auntie soon!

  14. eipwek says:

    I love the idea of tons of little doll quilts adorning a wall. For some reason it reminds me of a bakery/cafe I went to in Chicago that has a bunch of vintage Easy Bake Ovens displayed on a high shelf around the perimeter of the cafe. I thought that was such a cool idea. Maybe I just like vintage-looking miniature stuff! 😉

  15. jane says:

    Fell in love with vintage doll quilts after your post and bought one off ebay – got it last night and it reeks of cigarette smoke. so sad! Much better idea to make your own!

  16. amy k. says:

    horray for doll quilts! and I have done that strip meathod before that stephhung suggested and it’s da bomb-I’d do it by hand, or the strip way by machine. . if it’s not too late. . .
    .and the colors are so sweet!! hugs to you sis-so very exciting! as are the goodies from the printers-can’t wait!

  17. Cynthia says:

    Those colors look great- you are very talented. I am new to sewing/quilting and to get going, my mother and I are going to make a bunch of the Wee Bunnies for all the wee people wee know : ) I just had one question, what is “weighted stuffing”? I asked today at the craft shop and they had no idea what I was looking for…is it available or do I have to be creative with like beans or something for weight???

  18. Jen says:

    What is this… little quilts? What is this.. your freakin’ amazing site? WHy is this the first time I’ve been here? I’m so in love. Everything is so vibrant and sweet. *sigh* I’d love to see what your house is decorated like!

  19. Ruth singer says:

    mini quilts! love it. It’s about the level of quiltmaking I might manage. Small projects, over quickly. And for me the cuteness might override the badly-made-ness!

  20. Sandy says:

    I love your little doll quilts all over the wall! I just made your little kitty pattern. What fun. You can see it on my website. Also I’d like to talk to you about something. My email is Thanks,

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