You’d think it was the dead of Winter around here the way Oscar is nuts for covers lately. He can’t be sitting on the sofa unless he’s under a pile of covers with all his books and toys jammed under there with him. And the piling! He spends a good part of our indoors time piling all his toys into towers. He walks around muttering pillows, playmobile toys, monster truck, cars… as he gathers everything up. He’s snuggling in. So I thought I’d make him something super puffy. I made this quick and easy quilt from some great japanese fabric our friend Becky passed on to me and some Kona cotton, sewed it up like a pillow case and stuffed it with 4 layers of extra loft poly batting and then tied it down. Pouff!

and this is the look he gives me when I try to take his picture. geesh.

31 thoughts on “covers

  1. Celene says:

    Evan went through a major “collecting” phase at this age. Every stick, rock, leaf, feather, etc. became precious. We got a big apothicary jar to cherish the best of the bunch, then made little piles outside for the rest. I think it is part of the hunter/ gatherer dna stuff…

  2. *jenny says:

    Lovely blue fabric! What a little cutie he is (I’m sure he would HATE to know he’s being called a cutie) I love little boys, so entertaining.

  3. Mary-Heather says:

    That is so cute! Maybe he’s on to something… maybe if you pretend it’s chilly and you cover up in a big puffy blanket, you won’t be so bothered by the heat. Maybe?
    The look on his face is priceless. You can almost hear the indignant “mo-oom!!!” So. Cute.

  4. AmyDe says:

    With Toby (3) it’s cars – cars, trains, trucks, anything that goes. I had to make him a little bag to carry some in because he couldn’t carry as many as he wanted in his t-shirt (you know holding up the hem to make a pocket) Mind you he has LOTS of storage for little cars in his room, but he wants them with him!

  5. Lilli says:

    When I was six my parents took me to Europe to visit my grandparents. It was the dead of winter and very very cold.
    They had these big puffy satin duvets on each bed, in jewel colours like emerald, ruby, topaz, amethyst, etc. I thought this was Heaven! I took all the duvets I could find and piled them all on one bed. Then I sank my little 6-yr-old body into all that satiny cushy softness and disappeared into my own little world.
    I remember that all the adults were amused, which I couldn’t understand. Surely they would be doing the same thing, if I hadn’t thought of it 1st!

  6. carol says:

    Okay, did Oscar call my son today? I swear they chatted…today, my guy was pestering me for more blankets to “cozy” up in. What?! I’t’s 90 degrees! You should be outside swimming!
    Good grief. I thought all of the blankets I packed away from winter would still be hibernating. “Not so”…says Simon.
    By the way, that little crooked smile reminds me of your dolls. So cute.

  7. ros says:

    My boys are 22 and 24 and they still love their ruggies for snuggling whatever the weather!! I guess there are just some MUM things they never grow out of! HOORAY

  8. jennifer says:

    our little ones also have a thing for piling things. one prefers to organize, itemize, sort and put in her mysterious order; while the other one just gets so excited by the whole lot of it that she races from nowhere to knock it down. kids are such fun – that pic of oscar is precious.
    i love the quilt, too!

  9. Lily says:

    Oh my goodness – hasn’t Oscar grown? IT does go too quickly for sure.
    What a great way to build a snuggly quilt. I’m sure he’ll be very happy underneath that 🙂

  10. Lissy says:

    My Max is 3 1/2 and cover obsessed and piles it all around him just like Oscar. He claims when he has all the sofa pillows piled around and on him that he’s building a house/fort, but it just looks HOT to me. By the way, we don’t have central air (and live in Central IL), so it is HOT! But your blankie looks great, for 3 months from now.

  11. Charmaine says:

    Boy, he IS giving you a look! But he’s still very cute. I’d love to make a puffy throw like that. How did you sew the raw edge after you stuffed it with the batting?

  12. julia says:

    Cute! I love the cover. And I’m the same way … I love to snuggle in, and when I nap I can’t even begin to relax unless I have some sort of covering over my shoulder. I feel all exposed without it, even though I’m clothed! I guess I would have been a baby who liked swaddling.
    I love O’s expression. Looks like what I get around here, half the time.

  13. molly says:

    looks like some type of nesting ritual to me!
    I really love his new cover–don’t you love those projects that just come to you and you can whip them out and love the results?

  14. Rebecca says:

    I love it! Very cute. You said you made it like a pillow case…what did you do with the 4th side after you put the batting in? Did you do anything to make the batting stay put while you hand tied the quilt? I find your quilts always so inspiring. Did I mention I’m in love with the tree quilt you made?

  15. Mother-of-C says:

    Ha ! I know that look:
    “can you QUIT it with the camera already ?”
    If your boy is like mine though, he doesn’t half mind a mirror, or looking at pics of himself AFTER the fact .. vanity, thy name is son 😉
    I wish our quilts were “pouffy-ier”, like yours 🙂

  16. Miss Bliss says:

    I love, love, love his face in this picture. I have a three year old and quite often get that face from him when I am interupting as well. Hehehe, love it!

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