a pair of big footed bunnies for sale

(if you’re on the mailing list this is going to seem very copied and pasted, it is!)

need a bunny with big feet? what a coincidence as I am putting up 2
such gals for sale in the shop today at 3:30pm (central time). pics of elinor and elizabeth are up now on flickr if you want a peek.

and please be aware that I have to mark items as sold manually, so while I
will be on my toes there is a slight chance something may seem
available when it’s not. please refresh the page often and hopefully
all will go smoothly.

6 thoughts on “a pair of big footed bunnies for sale

  1. Cricket says:

    These are so lovely! I want to cuddle up with them and ask them for fashion advice. I can’t wait to order a copy of your booklet! Keep the inspiration coming…

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