a pojagi artist

I discovered, through a comment left on one of my pojagi posts, the work of this wonderful pojagi artist – Jung Yul Park. Her work is so beautiful I had to share. The grey one is incredible and here’s a little sunny yellow to get you going this morning.


10 thoughts on “a pojagi artist

  1. Charmaine says:

    Wow, that’s beautiful. I love the way she’s blending her colors. I’m curious to read more about the process of making one. Is it like a fold-n-finish or log cabin?

  2. Chris Howard says:

    That looks lovely. Uhm, I hate to always be the dummy of the comments section, but what exactly is pojagi? I did a google and wikipedia search and really couldn’t come up with a good explanation. I understand that it is a korean quilting style, but I’m not sure I understand the mechanics of it.

  3. Courtney says:

    Those are amazing. I love the coloration of those coasters in your previous post. I’d love to do a simple (simple looking, that is) blind for the window in my foyer like that…

  4. nancy says:

    Thank you for sharing pojagi. I am very inspired, so much so that I started attempting it last night. After sewing together the pieces, is the stitching done on the front or the back? Does it matter?

  5. Unha Engels says:

    Hi Hillary and people,
    Wow. I’m really happy to see people having positive reaction to Pojagi!
    I told mom about it and she’s really psyched.
    She had taught Pojagi along with other Korean traditional embroidery back in Korea but took a loooooong break since she moved to the states. But she and I are in the middle of working on a site where she will put a tutorials on pojagis. I’m helping her with the translation.. I’ll keep you guys updated!

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