some excellent mail

When Ginny, a librarian in Seattle, emailed me out of the blue with the subject line “want books” I of course emailed back “yes please!” boy, I had no idea what amazingness I was in for. She’s got my number!

Lokomotywa, a Polish children’s book of poetry by Julian Tuwim, illustrated by Jan Marcin Szancer, 1938. Of course we’re huge into trains around here, and the colors and illustrations are so beautiful. I love this book. more photos from the train poem here and here

there are two other poems in the book, here’s an illustration from “Ptasie Radio”

Ginny also sent this great Funny Jungleland flip book put out by Kelloggs in 1909

and even more! these amazing beautiful vintage buttons, a great retro kitchen towel and a super fun vintage casserole book too. Thank you so much Ginny! I feel so so lucky that these beautiful things have come to live with us.

11 thoughts on “some excellent mail

  1. greengreengirl on the greengreengrass says:

    Greetings from Poland!:)
    I regularly have a peek at your wonderful blog, though I haven’t commented anything yet. Well, this time I can’t remain silent, can I?;)
    ‘Lokomotywa’ and ‘Ptasie Radio’ are the poems I remember from my childhood, I learned them by heart when I was little, my parents learned them when they were little, and my children will probably too. Here in Poland these poems are absolutely classics:) I like ‘Lokomotywa’ more and I found quite a good transaltion of the poem:D
    Unfortunately I couldn’t find the other’s translation. In English the title could be The Birds’ Radio or The Birds’ Gossip, and in general the poem is about various birds meeting in a birch grove to debate on different subjects, e.g. where echo is hiding, who’s supposed to bathe in the dew first, and so on. And then they start quarrelling and fighting, and their debate ends with the bird police coming;)
    So… Enjoy your book:) The illustrations are indeed wonderful.
    And have a good day, everyone:)

  2. Sasha says:

    Wowweee! You are SUPER lucky! That Kellog book you have in your hot little hands is a super collector’s item. It was the first prize ever created by a cereal company as an enticement gimmick. It was soooo popular that it ran for years and years. I heard that on NPR’s Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, had to share.

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