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Thanks so much to those of you who left comments on my last post! I’m excited but also terrified of this undertaking and it was really bolstering to read through the suggestions and encouragements. I’m feeling very ready to start tackling all the decisions that need to be made. Time to get organized and dig in! Which of course means first I need to completely overhaul my craft room and redo my site design. Right?  My craft room is a scary pit of disorganization & chaos and is in desperate need of a facelift. I want to feel happy and peaceful and creative in there instead of completed stressed and freaked out the second I step over the baby gate. (which of course the “baby” can just tear down whenever he wants. false sense of security.) To this end I snapped up one of Alicia‘s ethereal cagelets last week. Miss Lemoncello is the picture of serenity and cute and she’s going to guide me through this messy process of reorganization. Or maybe I’ll just add her to the mess and call it a day. We’ll see how my quest for new perfect shelves goes. Anyway, here she is hanging out in her temporary home, the kitchen.


13 thoughts on “getting cozy

  1. Bettsi says:

    Ooooh! Lucky girl to get one of the cagelets! You got a really good one too! Good luck with the “cra doom” makeover. You’ll feel so at peace when you get it done. Doesn’t Grandma need some time with her grandson this weekend? LOL

  2. Adriana says:

    I’m so excited to hear you’re finally going for the book. I was just wondering that the other day, so it’s great news to hear it’s on its way.
    About your studio reorganisation, I’m on the same boat and so created Work Spaces – a flickr group. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll send you the details.
    Have lots of fun with your new projects!
    P.S. Oh, and if you can’t get your husband to include a giant kitty head in your re-design, drop me a line and we can work something out 😉

  3. celene says:

    Speaking of lemoncello here is an easy recipe for homemade hooch: combine zest of 9-12 lemons (or any citrus), 4c sugar, 1 bottle of water, 1 bottle of vodka. shake in container for 3 days then let rest for 21. distill thru cheesecloth and serve cold. Will take the edge of any situation…

  4. shanna says:

    how about a banner with all of your past wee wonderfuls on parade!!! think of all the props…little drums and batons, wee balloons and maybe some fluffy pink cotton candy….

  5. molly says:

    I’m so glad you’re thinking about taking this on. I totally understand your need to get organized before you begin. I’m the exact same way. I can’t stand starting anything creative if there’s mess to deal with. (even making dinner). It just sucks up all my creative juices.
    Here’s to organized shelves!!

  6. jayne says:

    My sister just helped me redo, sort out, and organize my craft/sewing/ebay room and without her I couldn’t have done it. Everything is now sorted into my basket collection and even labled! I even painted some of the room to brighten it up. I feel sooooo clean and on top of the world now. You will feel that way too. Its rejuvenating!!

  7. krista says:

    Love the image of the baby tearing down the gate…
    Good luck with the overhaul, I know it can be a daunting task, but you’ll do it!
    So where do I put my order in for the book?
    Kidding – no pressure 😉

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