hope I don’t get arthritis

ok Amy, I’m kicking off with one of those "I’ll get to it in my golden years" projects. of course it’s from one of my japanese craft magazines. interestingly, it’s from the first of such magazines I bought a year or so ago, and it remains my favorite project. guess you never forget your first japanese craft love.

a patchwork of crocheted knit, fabric and tweed hexagons. looks so flippin cozy!

and of course I’ll have time to make a matching pillow too.

14 thoughts on “hope I don’t get arthritis

  1. amy k. says:

    this is so cozy and appeallng to me. i really want a tv/movie project for after the girls go to bed. so, these are knitted, correct? like a knitted granny sqaure type of thing? wonderful and yes, the pillow is dreamy.

  2. Anamaria says:

    Hmmm, some of those hexagons look like crochet to me, too. I’ve been noticing a lot of projects that combine materials or techniques lately: this one is particularly beautiful!

  3. amy k. says:

    okay-crocheted it is. have you seen that new book on a million ganny sqaures? my paper crane posted about it a bit back. it will go on the christmas list!this hopefully will get me crocheting.

  4. hillary says:

    I have seen that crochet book. My friend Teresa (the superstar crocheter) has it. There are some really cute ones in there. I just wonder what I’d end up doing with the squares. A whole blanket of squares is so overwhelming. But this fabric and crocheted mixed together idea would work with a simple square patchwork quilt too. That’d be a cool-ass project! I need to dig that magazine out again and see if there are any instructions. Have you noticed how sometimes the projects featured in the jcm’s don’t have the instructions in the back. They’re just showcase things I guess.
    here’s that book I think

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