for the girl on the go

I just finished this little dachshund handbag for our favorite girl on the go, Trixie. Oscar is smitten and he asked me to send a little something on his behalf. 

I had originally wanted to crochet her this Ted purse from my Jaeger baby knits book.

I could totally picture little Trixie leaping over the side of the crib with her valuables safely stashed away in her teddie bag. But, I couldn’t figure it out. I thought it was just because I am awful at crochet but I had my friend Teresa who is an expert crocheter give it a shot and still it turned out weird. So when I spied this puppy purse in one of the Japanese craft books I got for Christmas I knew this would be the alternative.

I hope she likes it! It doesn’t really match her other luggage but I think that’s ok. All forward thinking girls break a fashion rule or two!

23 thoughts on “for the girl on the go

  1. sunni says:

    how adorable! oscar is sure win trixie’s heart with a special gift like that! i have been trying to make it to japantown here for months to look for these amazing japanese craft books everyone has!

  2. Cassi says:

    This is adorable, great job! I love the colors and fabrics. I’ve wondered if you would be able to convert an existing stuffed animal into a bag? We’ve got so many of them that I’d like to do something with them.

  3. benmac says:

    Hi Hillary,
    It’s hard for me to say this because anyone who reads our site knows that I never use words like cute or sweet… but that is absolutely one of the sweetest, cutest animals I’ve ever seen. You and Oscar are too kind! Trixie is sooo into purses right now, and I think she’s probably going to wet her diaper when she sees it 🙂
    thank you very very very much-
    Ben (Trixie’s dad)

  4. teresa says:

    i attempted to make something similar a while back, but it didn’t work out…your looks awesome! i love how your stuffed animals have an older feel to them, like they are from the 50’s. i think it is the fabrics you use. i also adore oscar’s bunny…

  5. Rene says:

    Love the sausage dog!! Great job. I just bought this book today and was wondering if the patterns include a seam allowance? I’d be greatful for any tips or hints in making him since I don’t know Japanese! Any Sydney ites (Aust) should rush to Kinokuniya where I found this and several other Japanese craft books!

  6. M Aldersen says:

    I made the Pointy Kitty for a Halloween gift for a friend’s granddaughter. It was so cute. Do you have a pattern for a dog? Thanks.

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