a wee bear

I used the wee pattern to make a stuffed version of the cute bear at I Love Egg. He’s all fleecy and soft and has plenty of lentils in his bottom so he wobbles but does not fall down. He’s on his way to Amy, whose son Jack is being a very good baby and gaining lots of weight so he can come home soon. Hugs and kisses to good baby Jack!

In other news, it has been the dark ages around here with our whole computers-being-online deal falling apart. Hugs and kisses to husband Tim who spent the better part of 6 hours working on it last night. You’re brilliant!

And in real news, baby bloggers are everywhere! An excellent article at babyzone about Suburban Bliss and a few others who I have to check out now. And another article in the NYTimes includes a photo of Leta, for the 3 people left who haven’t seen her, and discusses the "dark underbelly of parenthood". And most exciting.. Trixie was on tv last night! They were on an MSNBC show called Countdown. It was a great spot but far too short. I think a superstar like Trixie is better suited for a celebrity Oprah episode. She should talk to her agent.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Hi, I am a 27 year old Mum of 3 boys under 5 and just stumbled across you website for the first time! I adore your little bear!! I agree it reminds me of an Ewok!! What a fabulous little toy. I have just finished my first Month of Softies vintage catwalk cat. Thanks for making me smile!

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