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the little girl’s sewing book

edited by Flora Klickmann, 1916.

10 thoughts on “the little girl’s sewing book

  1. Is this from an original printing?
    I have the repro of this and the Little Girls Knitting Book, but I would so love to have the original.
    Old books are the best.

  2. Glad it found a good home!

  3. I wish I had this book.
    The illustrations and projects look sweet.

  4. What a wonderful little book. I would have loved that as a child and tried to make the items inside. Delightful 🙂

  5. thanks for this. have you seen the mary frances sewing book? this is a link for it:
    there are also mary frances knitting, cooking, gardening books.

  6. Thanks so much for linking to this – I’ve had a great time flicking through it and wish I had had a copy as a girl! What a fantastic book – even includes some hairpin crochet!

  7. I have an orignial little girls fancy work book of the same series inherited from my grandmother, I find the adverts the most fasinating aspect and it is tresured. I hope you enjoy your copy.

  8. What great illustrations. I would love a print of the cover to hang in my sewing room. Is there any citing for who did the artwork?

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