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to play or save?

I went with play. Might have been that episode of hoarders I watched last night or just the realization that the cool vintage style isn’t going to soak into Phoebe’s consciousness via osmosis from the top shelf of her closet. So excited we’re hitting a serious paper doll phase.

vintage paper dolls

14 thoughts on “to play or save?

  1. Oh my, paper dolls were my favorite activity when I was little….well, I actually still played with them until about the age of 16 or so.
    I used to make my own dolls, copied from the pages of comic books like Wonder Woman and Katy Keen (good grief, I’m old). I would design the clothes myself.
    Your little one looks engrossed in what she’s doing. How fun is it to have a mum who encourages these lovely pasttimes!

  2. I loved paper dolls when I was a girl, and now my daughter is into them, as well. One thing, I do, however, since she is still young and bad about abusing them (think bent and broken necks and wrists and ankles…anywhere the cardstock is cut thin), is to scan them, then later, when she is sad because one of them has become beheaded, I can quickly print out a replacement on cardstock. Not as great as the first, but still better than not having it anymore at all.

  3. I adored paper dolls when I was little, so lovely to see that little girls still play with them! 🙂
    Vivienne x

  4. I know just how you feel. I was just deliberating whether or not to offer my 18-year-old son’s old pirate ships to my neighbor – a mother of 3 boys under 5! Will I ever be ready to give them up? Maybe dealing with my son’s departure for his first year at college on Saturday would be a better thing to deal with first!

  5. I remember playing with paper dolls from my grandmother when I was little. They are delightful! When my girls are older I hope to share that love with them.

  6. I loved my paper dolls, way back when I was a kid. We made beds and cars and houses for them out of boxes and fabric scraps. A book with a generic (not famous people) doll with a scad of clothes cost 12¢ at the 7-11 by our house. The girl up the street had a Connie Francis paper doll with the most gorgeous clothes. I think she must have cost a dollar or more!!! She never, ever let anyone else touch that paper doll. I sort of understood! 😉

  7. Loved my paper dolls too. My daughter has them now and loves them too.

  8. Frame the ones she’s dressed! Fabulous custom vintage art. Save the unused pieces in an envelope on the back of the frame(s) for an easy switch up later on!

  9. I vote play! Toys are meant to be played with! You’re right, she cannot have happy memories of something that she never saw because it was sitting on the top shelf of her closet.
    I’ve suffered through the same quandary. Miss F (5) has been telling me that she wants to have five kids when she grows up for years. About two years ago I stumbled upon a mint set of Dionne quints paper dolls. I bought them and then wasn’t sure whether I should cut them up. Eventually I did. Having said that, at some point I probably will purchase a second copy of Emily Martin’ paper doll book so we can have the best of both worlds.

  10. Great that you’re letting her play with the paper dolls. I have the same dilemma with my Little People dollhouse from when I was little. If they never touch it, how will they know it is awesome?
    Love the new blog header.

  11. You could do both and make colored copies of them on card stock.

  12. those illustrations are truly awesome. i love your new header!

  13. My friend and I were arguing about this! Now I know that I was right. lol! Thanks for making me sure!

  14. Oh, kee-yute! Are these Danish paper dolls? I have some Danish ones from the 60s named Mimi, Vivi and Bibi that look a lot like these! Darling, darling.

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