Phoebe has been very concerned that she "does not have enough sparkly tops!" I think this is a direct result of her discovery of Disney shows on netflix. Also today after school there was a tantrum because we don't have a "real disco ball" for her dance party. Here we go yo!

glitter shirt that arrived from forever21 girls today & sparkle skirt from santaSparkleMore

civil war era dress research

I’m not a huge stickler for getting details exactly right. I feel it kind of gets in the way of improvising, using what you have on hand, having fun, but I did want to try to at least get in the right ballpark for my Little Women dolls dresses. I’m having lots of fun looking up inspiration!

I found these gorgeous Little Women paper dolls by Donald Hendrinks on this fun website, Gabi’s Paper dolls

Amy March

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knitting a tiny hat with a cool cuff

Did you hear me last night? I was cursing the crap out of that provisional cast on. I wish I'd taken pictures of it, dangit. You crochet on  your cast on stitches. This is the video. It was easy to make, not so easy to unmake. While "carefully unraveling" the provisional cast on I was muttering and swearing and going on to anyone who would listen (nobody) how it was so much trouble and taking forever and couldn't possibly … More


Amarillo cowl

I finished the Amarillo Cowl yesterday. See it here on ravelry. I really like how it turned out. It was a little bunchy before I blocked it but now it's nice and drapey. I don't love my cast on and bind off but I never do. For the project I'm working on now I'm trying to figure out the provisional cast on. I really don't get it but I'm just following the video and hoping it turns out. It's … More

New for 2013! “Give-it-a-try” pricing on Wee Wonderfuls patterns

You know what I noticed when buying knitting patterns? If a project looked like something I knew I could do I am happy to spend the money on it. But, if I'm not sure, if it looks like it might be tricky or too time consuming, even though I'd love to make it, I pass. I was thinking toy-making is one of those things that most people don't know if they can do or would enjoy. It's sort of an … More


I made a Pippi Longstocking doll for Phoebe. (see notes below and in comments) I thought she'd get a kick out of her poseable braids – instant updo! She's in Phoebe's room right now, playing around, waiting for her to come home. I really want to knit her something. Some sort of wonky uneven sweater. I don't have the right yarn though. We'll see if I can get my hands on some before the March sisters hair yarn arrives.





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