Chiri and Chiriri

Here’s the translation for Chiri and Chiriri. Thank you so much Cary!!

“The weather is nice today, isn’t it, Chiri?”  “It sure is, Chiriri.”
Chiri and Chiriri got up really early one day and decided to ride their

Chiri & Chiriri, by DOI Kaya (Doi is the surname)

ChiriChiriri, ChiriChiriri rode into the forest.  They noticed a really
good smell coming from somewhere.

It was a forest teahouse.

On going inside, they saw a lot of different sized tables and chairs.

Chiri and Chiriri chose a table and two chairs that were just right for
them.  Just as they sat down, they heard a voice say, “I’m sorry you had to
wait for your tea.”  Oh!  We haven’t ordered anything yet!

It was the violet tea that the bees had ordered!

Chiri and Chiriri ordered the acorn coffee and the lotus tea.

Chirichiriri, Chirichiriri, the two once again rode their bicycles.

They crossed a bridge, rode on a bumpy path, and then over a high hill.

Oh!  Now there are hungry.

Just then, they came across a forest sandwich shop, with different
shaped breads and various colored jams. “Irasshai/Welcome”

Just then, the rabbit and the bear arrived.  “Itsu mono/I’ll have the

The bear had the honey bread and mulberry jam sandwich.  The rabbit
bought the carrot bread and the yuzu (pronounced you-zoo, a citrus fruit
that is like a lemon and orange mixed together) sandwich.

Chiri and Chiriri bought an acorn bread and strawberry jam sandwich, and
a kinako (soybean flour) bread and chestnut jam sandwich.

They rested next to a pond.

They passed their time bathing in the pond and taking a nap.

ChiriChiriri, Chirichiriri, the two rode and rode their bikes.

Before long, the sun began to go down.

Going a little further, they came to a forest hotel.

On going inside, they saw a lot of different sized keys.  “Konbanwa/Good

The doors were of many different sizes.

Chiri and Chiriri were led to a door that was just right for them.

Inside the room, the bed was also just the right size.

“Pretty soon the forest concert will be starting!”

Just then, they could hear music from the other side of the window.

Upon opening the window…

The concert began.

ChiriChiriri, ChiriChiriri, without thinking, they began to sing.

The other guests also began to sing.

ChiriChiriri, ChiriChiriri, it was night in their favorite forest.  The

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  1. Blue says:

    Oh, I’m so glad you posted this! I just ordered this and its companion book on Amazon Japan! Now I can write it out and actually read it to my girls! YAY!

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