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I have no time to sew this week but am doing lots of doll clothes plotting. For inspiration I went over to my Mom’s and retrieved her box of old doll stuff. I love these original outfits for her Ginny dolls.

I pinned a few of my favorites up on the fabrics on my inspiration wall

51 thoughts on “doll sized inspiration

  1. leslie says:

    Your choice of fabric backgrounds/ inspiration look PERFECT with those cute little dresses!! Soon you’ll be making Phoebe a dress to match her doll’s dress!

  2. joan says:

    Eeep, those outfits are so cute. I love the way you displayed them. Vintage doll clothing is so fun–my favorite is vintage Skipper and I have a very similar red velvet coat from Skipper.

  3. AmyH says:

    Those outfits make the doll clothes of today (the store bought kind, at least) so ugly! I really must improve on my clothes sewing skills before my little one gets too old to want pretty doll clothes! Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  4. robiewankenobie says:

    my mother and her friends got together one christmas and made outfits, sleeping bags, nightgowns for our “my friend mandy” dolls. they came with a pattern, and i think that each mom made a bunch and did an exchange. here’s a pattern link on ebay. i’d go for it for myself, but i thought you might like it.

  5. kat says:

    aaaack! i LOVE the combination of dresses/coats and fabric. it’s incredible how the clothes match your fabric picks so well. really lovely to look at.

  6. Stacy says:

    What’s all this “my mom’s doll” stuff?! I’m 32 and I played with Ginny dolls! Of course, my mom did make most of the clothes they wore. I loved those dolls… so much more realistic than Barbie. 🙂

  7. Nancy Cook says:

    I love doll clothes and have been thinking of making some as well. BTW- I discovered that blog that you wrote about yesterday about a week ago and also fell in love with the outfits they make their girls.

  8. Sarah says:

    Ahhhhh…my mom has Betsy McCall dolls/outfits that I love to look at too (very similar to Ginny). Betsy had the cutest velvet skirts and berets. How fun.
    I love the little alpine-inspired dress above! How very Rufus Wainwright of her. 😉

  9. j says:

    so pretty, all displayed on their special background. so you come by your love of dolls from your mom.
    that little cream jacket is adorable

  10. Amanda Wright says:

    oh I so love ginny dolls. Mine are all packed away somewhere now, but they had many adventures in their time. I also had a ginny doll calendar at one point that had all sorts of fancy dolls and scenes. very fun. I can’t wait to see your interpretations of the costumes!

  11. Annie says:

    Please, oh please, oh please tell you remember where you got the last fabric (all of the different repeative cirlcles) from AND you’re willing to share. It would be perfect for my daughter Lulu.

  12. Leigh says:

    Oh, the Ginny doll! I remember finding my mom’s in my grandma’s attic and playing with it for hours and hours… I wonder where it is now? I remember LOVING her outfits!

  13. Linda Joan says:

    Hello! I am so loving this! Those sweet little dresses thrill my heart! I had a Cosmopolitian Ginger doll myself. My parents moved alot and I am thankful I still have her, but she is in pretty bad shape. I do still have her original skating dress ~ aqua velvet with white fur trim. Now, as an adult, my Mom has surprised me with a Ginny doll for my birthday on occasion.

  14. Katy says:

    I’d like some of those dresses for ME!!! (may be a bit small though!) And the sugar city journal clothes from your last post – wow!!! Those kids are better dressed than most women I know (including me most days!)

  15. Chrissy says:

    You little American girls were so fortunate to have Ginny dolls. I don’t know what they look like – would it be possible to post a photo sometime?
    The clothes are perfect so the dolls must have been very special too.
    I still have my teddy but he was home-made and VERY ugly. I didn’t care, though, I dressed him myself. That’s how I learned french seams and rolled hems, age 8!

  16. Rae says:

    How cute! My mom used to have a Ginny doll. I remember those cute little hangers and the dainty little clothes. My favorite of yours is definitely the lederhosen.

  17. Tracey says:

    I have a scottish ginny doll…. but I do play more with my blythe! (even at my age! LOL.) these clothes are just the cutest! Would love to have a red coat too! the little green dress is also divine! Yes, I am still meaning to rummage through my mom’s OLD doll clothes patterns! Hmmmmm I so have dolly (clothes) fever too!

  18. gillie says:

    I want your fabric inspiration wall. No I’ll rephrase that I NEED your fabric inspiration wall! BTW I still have a red velvet pinafore dress brought back from Switzerland when I was about 3 that is the spitting image of your third dress. I wore it, as did all three of my daughters. Your dresses are delightful, Hanne Dolly (aged aproximately 42) is whistful and hopeful LOL

  19. Rebecca says:

    Oh, those dresses! When I went to my grandma’s house as a wee girl, I’d always drag out the yellow plastic box with the snap-on lid that contained my mum’s old Cindy doll and all her clothes. There was a school set, a winter set, a Guide set…and a rather uncomfortable looking set of woolly knitted underwear that had been made by my grandma! I must look them out when I go home for Easter – you’ve inspired me 😉

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