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Wee Wonderfuls Handmade Doll
Wee Wonderfuls Handmade Doll
Wee Wonderfuls Handmade Doll

Vintage Offerings

Vintage Fabric Bundle

Perfect for doll clothes and other small projects. Okay, I am very excited about this plum colored wool fabric. I have two yards of it so it will be popping up again here at wee wonderfuls. I just love when I find wool at the thrift! And I was especially chuffed to see it matches the little purple flowers on these gorgeous vintage napkins. I think I'd make a dress with the gold velvet ribbon at the waist and then a wool cape to go over it. Maybe with more velvet trim, I just love the plum and gold together.

  • 18" x 22" plum wool fabric.
  • Two 16" x 16" vintage floral cotton napkins.
  • 24" gold velvet ribbon
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