Elsa from my Elsa pattern

Little did I know when I named my doll pattern Elsa years ago that there would be such a popular Elsa on the scene. I figured it was time to make a version of my Elsa doll to match her famous name twin. I definitely couldn’t make the glamorous post-freak out version of Elsa in that bedazzled gown of hers so I tried to make the kid version of her. I had a tricky time finding the right materials. I really wanted wool for her dress but couldn’t find any at the store in the right colors so I used flannel. And it’s hard to match that super pale blond, almost white hair but I found a good match in the baby yarn section. And it took a lot of digging through my ribbon drawer to find something that would work for her dress but I like how this turned out. I think the black background on the ribbon does the trick. I think pre-glitter Elsa looks sweet as a handmade doll. And even Oscar recognized who she was supposed to be! So I guess she passes the test.

12 thoughts on “Elsa from my Elsa pattern

  1. maleajoy@hotmail.com says:

    I am attempting the same thing (like a fool — this is only my 4th doll). How is the hair attached?

  2. Mad says:

    Gorgeous! I just bought this pattern. What fabric do you use for the face/body parts? I’m having a hard time finding something appropriate. Thanks!

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