My raskog is following me around the house. I filled it with all my current projects and I have to say, it's pretty handy. I pull it to the window for more light to work on hand sewing, in front of tv for my knitting, to my scrapbooking table to work on my PL pages. Pretty handy indeed. For some reason it is reminding me of my own little r2d2, always at my heel, cute but pestering. Yesterday, just about when I feel like I want to start talking to it like it's a robotfriend, the kids walked in from school so it's all good. For now.

While I sit here and sew on doll arms why don't you watch this about how we're all going to be replaced by robots.

6 thoughts on “raskogbot

  1. Scotti *^_^* says:

    I was gifted a blue one by my Husband last Christmas & it is my best friend. It follows me everywhere I go & carries everything I need to make sweet little doo-dads & what-nots.

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