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It’s been hard getting back into the swing of work after the holidays this year. I had my birthday week of lunches out and then the kids had another 2 days off of school this week. But mostly, it’s that I can’t get out of my head. I’m reading too much news, I’m worrying too much. Well, I know I’m worrying the right amount but it’s still unproductive. So I’m going to try something new today, I’m not going to … More

New doll design idea number one, a folky pillow doll with towering hair. \ (•◡•) /

new wee wonderfuls doll design

I love this gal! This is my first shot at her and I have some tinkering to do and then some fun ideas for variations that are so super cute… in my head. Hopefully they’ll be work in real life. I love this flat pillow type doll. She’s stuffed super firm so she’s not about bending limbs. I love this type of doll for … More

wee wonderfuls soft toys patterns

Yesterday I posted on Instagram about how I want to add a bunch of patterns to my shop this year, for all types of soft toys (this is in addition to the Make-Along doll series). I had been waiting for my book to go out of print so that the rights to the patterns would revert back to me and I could offer them in the shop for myself. I’m realizing that is not going to happen any time soon … More

works in progress

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My brain is dead from all the pta emails I had to write today. I can’t seem to put together 3 sentences but I have these photos to share. I had a fun week gathering supplies. I had to take advantage to the not-as-cold and hit all the thrift stores. Now I have wool and tweed and sparkly Indian things to cut into. I have everything washed and piled and planned. Now to just work up the energy to dive … More

slogging into the new year

Hi all! Happy 2016! How’s your new year going so far? I am finding that I’m not getting a jump on the new year as I have in the past. I blame middle school! So hard to adjust back to these super early mornings after the late nights and sleeping in over break. I’ve been chugging along on this set of 4 dolls. I have on my planner for Monday, finish up dolls. Scratched out and switched to Tues.. Wed… … More


That's the effort it took for me to sit and play with felt for an hour this morning. Oh the things I had to ignore, stuff down, turn off. And I am not really an overly busy person. If I have a concrete task, it's done before I can even write it on my to-do list. But if I want to just fart around in my craftroom I can't seem to fit it in. 

Ok, now I'm just staring out … More