bye girls

The dolls are headed to the school auction this week. Here's the best picture I can get today. I'm in a photo-taking funk. Grey gloomy Winter keeps hanging on and with it, my lazy indifference sadly. But these girls are cheery. I need more bright colors in the house. We've been doing some redecorating/rearranging which is great for the mood. We tried to buy bright red glossy cabinets for a cupboard for the kitchen but they were out of stock. … More

The Ellie Bag

Ellie knows all to well what it’s like to be forgetful and lose track of one’s baubles and little necessities in life. She does not want you to suffer this same fate. At just the right size to carry your notepad and lip balm, Ellie is here to save the day.

I thought I’d blog here and there in the next few weeks during the blog tour about some of the projects in the book. Maybe share some sketches, … More

here we go yo

The blog tour for the book starts today! Here’s the itinerary. I’m starting today at my pal Amy’s house with a giveaway of an autographed book so head over and sign yourself up!

September 27: Angry Chicken  Interview

September 29: My Paper Crane  Review/Image Gallery

October 1: True Up  Review/Vintage Fabric Giveaway

October 4: Ohdeedoh  Review/Q + A

October 6: Inchmark  Vintage Toys

October 8: House on Hill Road  A Wee Wonderfuls Project/Q + A

October 11: ReadyMade “Make Nice” More

My book is out! Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Toys to Sew and Love

Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Toys to Sew and Love by Hillary Lang, photographs by Jen Gotch

August 1, it’s official, the book is OUT! Amazon shipped pre-orders pretty early and I’ve received so many kind, wonderful emails from you guys. Thank you so much! And look, even two cuties in the flickr group already! This is exciting!!

Tim and I put together this little “instructional” video to show just how easy it is to make yourself a little pal.

And here are some of the beautiful photographs from the book which were done by the amazingly … More