spring breaking

How is Spring treating everyone?! We just got back from our first ever official family Spring Break trip. So exciting for the homebody Langs. We took an epic road trip to the Southwest to visit family and it was a wonderful time. The kids are the perfect ages for road trips it seems. They didn’t moan or groan or complain once! I’m excited to start planning our next adventure.

I’m realizing as I download photos from the camera how out … More

you can do it!

Who's working last minute on handmade dolls for Christmas?! First of all, it's not last minute. We have days and days. Ok, 4 of them. But it's plenty! Please let me know if you have any questions on any ww patterns you're working on and I'll do my best to help you. Miss Christmas Elf and I are your cheerleaders! I made her last night from the tag-a-long pattern in my book,  Wee Wonderfuls: 24 Dolls to Sew and More

handmade ornaments

I’m almost having guilt that I’ve made no handmade ornaments yet this year. Of course this is not really a problem. My tree is lousy with handmade ornaments. In fact I have so many ornaments all together that there’s only room for about half of them on the tree. Not a great ratio. But I love the handmade ones so much. I remember so clearly making them with the kids, or laboring over them on my own. Getting all manic … More

December 1

Boy, 3:00 is really almost the end of the day these days. Well the end of the first part of a day, the daylight part. I had lots of things I wanted to show and tell but I burned my daylight out shopping so only photos I have are this sunny pic of the deer doll I have up on etsy and these photos of a new doll I made last night. I really love how her hair turned out. … More

for makers and shoppers

I’ve got things up at etsy for those who want to diy this holiday and for those who want to just wrap. Printed patterns have free shipping this weekend – great for gifts for crafty friends! And I’ve been adding and will continue to add the handmade original dolls I’ve been working on this month. I don’t have specific posting times, sorry. I just don’t have the shopper audience to warrant that. But if you’re interested in anything specific you can … More

not at all making a mess

Ok, I'm on the other side of my annual Thanksgiving breakdown. I don't want to alienate anyone so I save the special joy of listening to my rant for my dear, poor children and husband. I will just focus on the parts of Thanksgiving that I enjoy. I like watching cranberries burst in the pan with the kids. That part is fun. And ignoring prep and trying to focus on things I actually enjoy is fun too, like hanging out … More