clearing out space

New school year’s resolution, be back in this space! My poor neglected blog. If it was a physical object it’d be sitting in the corner next to my yoga mat. Both of which I’m determined to find time for this Fall. Right now I’m working on cleaning up my craft room. Or cleaning OUT is maybe a better term. I’m being buried under the clutter and chaos and need space to breath. I’d love to take every single thing out … More

re-introducing, the Make-Along doll

I just posted to the shop and to instagram a new doll, and a new idea, that I’m very excited about. I’ve started a line of Make-Along dolls that will include the sewing patterns for all the clothing the dolls are wearing. So if you’re the crafty, DIY type but don’t want to tackle dollmaking to make that special toy for the little one in your life then this might be the fit for you. Along with the heirloom quality … More

spring breaking

How is Spring treating everyone?! We just got back from our first ever official family Spring Break trip. So exciting for the homebody Langs. We took an epic road trip to the Southwest to visit family and it was a wonderful time. The kids are the perfect ages for road trips it seems. They didn’t moan or groan or complain once! I’m excited to start planning our next adventure.

I’m realizing as I download photos from the camera how out … More


Spring Fairy and Pink Bunny

Finally a new website! We’re just at bare bones here but I’m excited to have a new non-typepad space for my blog. 12  years I was on typepad. And that was many more years than I wanted to be there. Now that this space is all fresh and clean I’m hoping to update it with more content, tutorials, dollmaking tips, etc. I’ve always wanted to do that but never had the patience or the time to make them as nice … More