little baby bear

Of course after clearing out/destashing my basement fabric supply I get the bug to make a bear from felted thrifted sweaters. I’d held on to that stuff for years! Since this era! (because Wee Wonderfuls is such a vast empire that I can refer to its past in eras) And then I tossed it all. Oh, I’ll never get around to using all that. What’s that declutter rule, if you haven’t used it in x years than toss it. … More

About Me & FAQ

Hi, welcome to the blog. My name is Hillary Lang and I live in Chicagoland with son Oscar, daughter Phoebe and husband Tim. I love to design and create dolls and toys, quilts and ‘etc’. I started this weblog as a way to stay motivated and connect with the amazing online crafting community I’d stumbled upon. I’ve since started selling handmade toys and original patterns, and have contributed to craft books and magazines (press list coming soon). It’s … More

I know what I’m doing tomorrow!

Felt holiday ornament kits from alicia arrived today! I’m feeling a pleasant pre-holiday buzz these days. Not to be all type A on you but I did just get back from driving all over tarnation to Gymboree shops gathering up this year’s matching pajamas and I might already have ordered the Christmas outfits and bought the advent calendars (they were right at the check out counter!). That’s it for the crazy. Although I do actually need to get started on … More